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Knee surgery is a surgical procedure that many people face each year. Knee surgery has come such a long since it first began. We no longer have to deal with long stays in the hospital recovering. Now most knee surgery is performed arthroscopic. This is done with very little invasive action. Three small holes are made in the knee so that the scope can pass through. This makes the knee surgery much easier in recovery time and reduces the amount of pain that the patient will feel. Knee surgery has truly changed in so many ways and this will only continue to improve as time goes on.

Step 1

The first step in recovering from knee surgery is to follow your doctors instructions. Most times patients do not listen to the directions provided by their doctor and they end up needing another knee procedure to correct the damage that they did to their knee by not following directions. It is very important that you follow all directions exactly as your doctor orders so that you do not reinjure your knee or tear the work that the knee surgeon did. It would be a true shame to go through a knee surgery and then mess up the results by not following directions.

Step 2

Rest is the most important part of healing from knee surgery. You must rest your knee as it heals so that it can truly heal. Rest is usually the most important part of the directions your surgeon will give you. It is important that you keep your knee and leg rested and propped up for comfort and blood flow. If you try to use your knee too much, you can suffer adverse reactions and a longer recovery time. Don't mess up your recovery by not resting your leg. This is an important part of the healing process and not one to take lightly.

Step 3

It is important that you avoid physical activity until your surgeon releases you. Too many people start to feel less pain and think that they can go about their activity as normal and they end up hurting themselves. It is so important that you truly rest your leg and give it time to heal before you go back to physical labor and exercise. Your doctor will inform you how long you will need to rest your leg and avoid physical activity. You must follow your instructions to the letter and don't participate in activities without your doctors permission.

Step 4

As you are healing from your knee surgery, you may need to undergo physical therapy to regain the function of your knee. This can be a painful process, but it is for the best in you being able to regain complete use of your knee. Sometimes it is difficult to get moving again after healing from knee surgery. It is important to do the exercises that are recommended by your doctor so that you can heal and begin to feel better. You will soon regain the use of your leg and be back to feeling your old self. If you follow the directions and do your best, you will see results.


Step 5

Healing from knee surgery takes time. Once you have injured your knee, you may always have to be careful in certain circumstances. Many people develop arthritis after a knee injury. It is important to protect your knee when doing certain physical activity. You will need to wear knee pads and also at times a knee brace. This can help protect your knee and support the knee as you do physical activity. Be sure that you get your knee checked on a regular basis to be sure it is continuing to heal. Discuss any pain that you have with your doctor so that you can be examined.


  • Listen to your doctor's directions.
  • Take time to heal.
  • Rest your knee.
  • Wear pads and braces.


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