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What Does It Mean To Be Immunosuppressed?


Life is filled with all types of challenges. When it comes to health, all manner of diseases and conditions are a reality. When the body is weak and cannot fight the ‘enemies’ invading, one is said to have a weakened immune system. When the system does not effectively fight threats as it is supposed to, a person can be said to be immunosuppressed. This can be caused by a myriad of things. Among them is chronic disease. The most common examples of conditions that bring the immune system to its knees include HIV/AIDS, cancer, lupus, arthritis etc. Many times, pregnancy reduces greatly the efficacy of the immune system. Being immunosuppressed is known to brew even more trouble when the right medical care is not observed.


The state of being immunosuppressed can be caused by the diseases mentioned above and it can also be induced. In the late 1970s, medical experts started using certain drugs that would deliberatively bring the immune system capacity down. This was to make sure that certain medical procedures were completed at a reduced failure rate. For example, a patient who is immunosuppressed can train their body not to reject a kidney, lung or even heart transplant. Therefore, these are the top factors that led doctors to look into inducing this state with an immunosuppressant. There are different drugs that were used to make sure that organ transplant patients were catered to. The most common drug was cortisone. However, because of the many down sides, experts more often than not chose to go with the drug cyclosporine.


Malnutrition is another leading factor that can be directly linked to being immunosuppressed. People who do not receive vital nutrients for their body will be susceptible to infections by pathogens as well. Those affected by hunger are usually at such a state where their condition is delicate and immunosuppressed. To intervene, medical experts will administer specialized care to boost immunity so that the rest of the body can be restored. Another feature that is known to cause the condition is ageing. As one grows older, they do not just loose their youth but they become weaker regarding their immune system efficacy. They are prone to all manner of conditions. Proper care and supplementation with the right nutrients can go a long way in making the matter better.

Tips and Comments

Therefore, being immunosuppressed is not a disease in itself. It is a condition that makes it very easy for sickness to attack the body. It is a state of not having the vital protection that come natural to the body. Although induced sometimes to help in medical cases, it should be a cause for alarm. Eliminate factors that cause the problem and make sure you are healthy. For example, those who are taking drugs that lower the immunity and strength should consider other medications that are not harmful. Tailor your diet and make sure you get all the needed nutrition in the body. Additionally, make sure to seek medical advice on this. Some people might not be aware that they are immunosuppressed. Have a health care provider run a test.

By emma Wanjiku, published at 02/20/2012
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