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How To Find Accessories For a Bird

Published at 02/28/2012 22:56:06


Birds are one of the best pets anyone can choose to be part of their family. The type of bird you choose as a pet will be a determining factor in what accessories you will need for your bird. There are many different accessories for many different species of birds. Make sure you choose the right accessories for yours. With all the different accessories offered for birds, it is very easy to get confused.

Step 1

Once you find the perfect pet bird for your family, the first thing you will want to make sure your bird has is the appropriate cage. Every bird deserves a cage that will keep him safe, but will also allow him/her the freedom to exercise. Bird cages come in many different shapes, sizes and varieties. Here are the main things to consider when shopping for the perfect cage for your pet bird:

How big is the bird?
How many birds will be living in the cage?
How active is my bird?
Quality of cage
Shape and style to accommodate the activities of my bird
Bar spacing

After you have the details, it’s time to shop for the perfect cage and for bird accessories. Having a small bird does not necessarily mean you have to put them in a tiny cage. It’s always best to make sure they have plenty of room, however, a smaller bird such as a finch doesn’t necessarily need a huge cage, but you do want them to be able to move about freely in their home.

Step 2

For bird accessories there is such a variety and can range anywhere from toys to perches, to cuttlebones and more. There are a variety of accessories and the ones you purchase will depend on the type of bird you have. Avoid placing any dangerous objects or accessories in the cage that may cause injury to your pet bird. Your pet bird deserves to be happy, safe, well fed, and loved like any other pet. Responsible owners will see that is the case for their bird.

Step 3

Visiting your local pet store and speaking with one of their representatives can most often help you in finding the right accessories for your bird. There are many pet stores that have locations nationwide. The most popular pet store that has locations in many different areas is Pet Smart.

Step 4

You can also visit them online at Their website also includes a store locator where you can see if there is a store in your area. There are many other independently owned and operated pet stores in most areas across the United States. Consult your local yellow pages for pet stores in your area.

Step 5

Another great place to find accessories for your bird is online. Some popular places to shop for bird accessories are:

Research online and find the best resource for your bird. You can even search for specific keywords such as:

African Gray Accessories

Parrot Accessories

Love Bird Accessories

Canary Accessories

Get detailed with your search for bird accessories and you are sure to find exactly what you need for the type of bird you have.


Now that you have shopped for bird accessories and a home, let’s touch base on some very important tips to keep your pet bird happy, healthy and safe!

1. Maintain a clean cage for your bird
2. Fresh food and water daily
3. Never put dangerous objects in bird cage
4. Give your bird plenty of love and attention
5. Limit any “people” foods
6. Avoid giving the bird any toxic items


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