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Where To Find Birds For Sale

Published at 03/01/2012 19:11:47


Birds make great pets for some people and for most people a pet bird becomes part of their family just like a dog or cat would. With that being said there are many different places you can purchase a bird but you want to make sure you make an informed decision before making a final choice on purchasing a pet bird.

Considerations to Make Before Buying a Pet Bird

If you have decided what type of bird you want, then it’s time to shop around. There are several things you should consider before you begin searching for a pet bird to purchase. Some considerations that will help make your search easier are:

How much can I afford or am I willing to spend on a pet bird?

Do I want a young bird or older bird?

What type of bird would I like to have?

Have I considered all of the pros and cons of the bird types and decided which type of bird would fit in with my family?

Do I have other pet birds?

Am I prepared to spend the money on the cage and accessories that my pet bird will need?

Do I have time to give my pet bird the attention, care and TLC it needs?

Suggestions on Where to Find Birds for Sale

After you make your decision on what type of bird you want and decided that you are ready to buy the perfect pet for your family it’s time to do some smart shopping.

Sometimes you can look around online at birds for sale in places such as classifieds sites, your local newspaper and other online resources where people will be giving pet birds away. Sometimes this is a result of that person relocating or moving and they can’t take their pet with them and sometimes it could be that they purchased the bird and because of time restrictions they just aren’t able to give the bird the care it needs and deserves.

If you really like birds and want to give a bird a home, it’s never a bad idea to check those resources and see what you can find.  Birds are for sale everywhere, you just have to look around and find the right bird for you!

One of the most obvious places to find birds for sale would be in your local pet store. Most areas offer at least 1 pet store that may or may not carry birds for sale. If not, then you can always go the closest shopping mall as most shopping malls have at least 1 pet store in them.  

Another option you may want to consider is adopting a bird that is in need of a good home with a loving family that will care for it, love it and give it a new family. One of the most popular bird adoption sites online is They have a state by state list on their website of bird rescue organizations that have birds available for adoption. Terms and conditions of adoption may vary, so make sure you read the latest information. They also have informative articles available on their website.

Another alternative is to look online at pet stores. One of the most popular pet stores online is  They offer a store locator feature on their site where you can locate a store close to you.  

Tips and comments

These are just a few of the places you may find birds for sale so you can have a pet bird for you and your family. When making a decision whether or not you are ready for a pet bird, always make sure you have everything ready for that bird when it enters your home. You want to make sure you introduce the bird to its new environment in a safe, fun, and friendly way so it will be part of your family for years to come!


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