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What Are the Best Birds For Pets?

Published at 03/01/2012 12:10:02


There are certain animals which appeal to some human beings more than the others. While the dog has fascinated many, there are others who have been fascinated by cats and birds. The animal that fascinates us the most are chosen as pets by most of us. Isn’t this true? However, there are more factors that go into choosing a pet; this is a fact especially in the case of birds.


There are thousand of species of birds on our planet Earth. It becomes very important to understand them before you plan to bring them home. For first time bird-owners here is a list of some of the species that make best birds for pets. There are also a list of things they need to avoid.

For beginners the smaller the bird the better it would be for them. Larger birds need more maintenance. The life span of large birds is more than that of small birds; moreover they require more attention as compared to small birds. Since large birds would require more space, species like parrot for this reason will not make ideal birds for pets for first-time bird owners. Start off with small birds, gradually as you get comfortable and gain confidence in handling and taking care of birds, you may consider owning larger breeds.


Doves – Doves are peaceful birds and definitely one of the quietest of the lot. They are easy to take care of and affectionate, moreover they do not require much space. They are attention–seekers and love being held. They therefore make perfect birds for pets especially for families having children.

Budgies – Budgerigar, which is a native of Australia, is very popular species of pet bird the world over. Its small size, playful and entertaining nature draws the attention of many first time pet bird owners. They can be trained to talk and are easy on the pocket; however, they need more attention than the other birds.

Cockatiels – it is the smallest bird belonging to the cockatoo family. It is the second most loved pet bird the world over. They make great birds for pets and live for nearly 15 to 20 years. These intelligent birds crave for attention and needs to be attended to several times a day. Therefore it is not meant for people leading busy lives - who cannot find time to care for the pet.

Canaries – They live in groups and therefore will need a large cage to live in. They make good pets for those who just like to admire birds but not want or like to touch them. Although small-sized and sensitive by nature canaries are extremely messy and need to be maintained constantly. These birds however, not only look beautiful but sound beautiful too. No wonder they make decorative pets!

Tips and comments

For families having children, parents need to keep a watch on bird and child interaction before deciding how much supervision from adults would be required. Just like humans, each bird is an individual by itself and will have its own traits.

People suffering from respiratory problems must not keep birds for pets, because the dust arising from dead feathers cause allergy.


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