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How To Buy a Domain


A domain is the name that defines and distinguishes one website from the other. A domain name will therefore define what your website is all about and from the first glance a visitor will have a rough idea of what your website is all about. For example, a website name like will hint out to the user that the website has something to do with cars. Before you buy domain name, you should know that there are various types of domains on the market. Examples of such include:

  • .com - for companies
  • .net - for networks
  • .org - for organizations
  • .us - for companies in the United States

A domain name is important for you if you want to set up an online business or just have an idea which is to be executed via an online portal. The decision to buy domain is therefore very crucial for the success of your online idea and the following steps will guide you on what to do to buy domain for yourself.

Step 1

The key objective of selecting a domain name is for this name to help you get the web traffic that you target. This will lead to a consistent growth in your potential customers and fans and in turn increase your online turnover and also profits. Before you buy domain name, choose a name that is simple, short and also reflects the nature of your business or website content. Ensure you avoid uncommon acronyms, dashes, initials and other symbols as they may confuse the customers and make it difficult for them to remember. This may deny them a chance to visit your site again.

Step 2

Once you have your ideal domain name figured out, you need to select a reliable domain register in order to buy domain name of your choice. Depending on your planned budget, choose a web domain registrar whose domain pricing is within your budget. You can do this by visiting to your preferred registrar or if you do not have one, you can search for one on any of the major search engines such Google and yahoo.
A reliable domain register will help guarantee the security of your website and also timely, efficient and dependable customer service which you will require even after you buy domain name of your choice.

Step 3

With the domain name in mind, the next you need to think about the hosting package that you will have the domain name on. This is important before you buy domain name of your choice because it will determine how you set up the domain name on purchase. This settings are most of the times cannot be edited and therefore knowing the hosting package beforehand will help you relieve yourself from a lot of headaches in the future. If the domain register you choose will have a hosting package that has all the services you need, it will be better because the technical settings that you will have to input are quite minimal.

Step 4

Once you have all the above in check, before you buy domain name you will need to ensure you have an email address for which you will use to register and receive the login username and password to the c-panel of your domain. This login credentials will have the administrator rights over the whole website backend.

Step 5

Mostly to buy a domain name you will need to have money in your local Visa debit or credit card. If you do not have one of the above, you can ask your friend to loan you with their Visa card so that you may complete the transaction. Be careful of the websites you send your credit card information to.


  • Choose a domain name that defines your website content.
  • Choose a domain registrar from whom you will buy your domain from.
  • Choose a hosting package that has all the services you need to properly run your website.
  • Ensure you have email address you will use for registration.
  • Ensure you have the required payment methods to pay for the domain name you will buy.

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