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Published at 03/30/2012 00:12:09


Over the years, internet business had increased tremendously. It is no doubt that the rate at which internet users are increasing on the in the internet in this generation can not be over emphasized. Due to this increase, many bloggers around the globe are now registering a domain name and a web host every day. But the most annoying thing is that, most individuals can’t afford the money.

Step 1

However, there are thousands of web hosting providers that offer free web hosting and free domain host to potential customers who are willing to have a website to either sell their products or advertise their service to their customers on the Internet. With the help of the web hosting providers, it has helped thousands of bloggers to host and have a domain name for free to monetize their idea

Step 2

During my research, I came across a few numbers of web hosting providers that offers a free web hosting and free domain name for individuals and business owners. I will talk about the features of some this website and what they offer to prospective clients.

Step 3 has a lovely and user friendly website that offers both free hosting and paid hosting to individuals and business owners. Their free hosting plans come along with 100MB storage, one hosted domain with mysql and an unlimited traffic which comes with no ads. Most of the free web domain on the internet always comes along with their ads on your website.

Step 4

This has made it very useful for bloggers around the world who have a product to sell or advertise their service to the world to use. It is important for any individual or business owners to have a website to either promote their product or showcase their services. Since, not every one has an equal privilege like others; every one will not be able to afford the amount and expenses of maintaining a paid web domain website.

Step 5

Using a free domain website might not be professional enough for most business owners aiming at targeting a large customer on the internet. Because by using a free domain websites, it will limit the individual or business owner to use all the features available on the internet.


Another free domain website use by many individuals and business owners on the internet is has been found reliable by clients all over the world because of its short and memorable domain name. has a nice and good features for clients. Some of which are; a free sub-domains, CNAME,A,MX,NS,TXT, window live custom domain, blogger custom domain, amazon associates and Google apps. Google apps will enhance the use of your website because of its unlimited features like, free email accounts, Google docs, Google sites and many more.

To enjoy more features from, one can easily upgrade to their paid hosting services. I will advise that, any individual or business owner who is new to internet business should try out the free web domain website first before any kind of upgrade.



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