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How To Use Windows Live Mail

Published at 03/15/2012 02:55:46


Windows Live Mail is the latest email client from the Microsoft Corporation. Long-time Windows PC users may have familiarity with the Web based Hotmail client. Today, you will find that the "Live" brand name is included in the names of many popular Microsoft applications. The Hotmail client is now called Windows Live Hotmail. If you have an old Hotmail account it is compatible with the software platform and tools that are available in the Windows Live Mail application.

You can access Windows Live Mail using your installed Web browser, such as Internet Explorer, Firefox. Chrome or Safari. However, you should consider installing the full email client on your computer to take advantage of more features and functions.

Step 1

Download Windows Live Essentials at the website. This programs includes the Windows Live Mail application, as well as the new Windows Live Photo Gallery, Windows Live Messenger and Windows Live Call. Although you may not have an immediate need for a photo editor, an instant messenger or a voice over Internet protocol application, you can have them installed on your computer when a future need arises.

Install the program per the instructions on the screen. You may have to browse for the program installation files in a temporary folder on your hard drive and then double click the file to begin the installation process.

The installation process may also prompt you to create an new email address, if you dont already have a or email address. You dont have to create a new account, unless you want to.

Step 2

Sign in with your Window Live Mail account ID. This essentially is your email address, but it is also an account ID that works for other products such as Windows Live Messenger.

Wait while the program connects to Microsoft's email servers. Normally, when you access email using the web address, you are connected to the email servers. However, with the Windows Live Mail utility installed on your PC, you are sending and receive messages from your hard drive and operating system via the Internet.

Step 3

Click on the "New" button in the Windows Live Mail window. This opens a new window that you will use to compose your new email message. Treat this window as if it were a word processing or spreadsheet document. It has many email-based and basic application functions at the top of the window, such as changing the font.

Step 4

Enter the recipients email address in the "To" field. The Windows Live Mail application automatically adds your email address, as the sender, to the message. Type a "Subject" to let the recipient know what the message is about. Type out your message in the body at the bottom of the email.

Step 5

Click the "Send" button at the top of the message Windows. The Windows Live Mail application will transmit your email message to the recipient. Wait for a response if one was requested.


If you frequently forget your Windows Live Mail password, can select the "Remember" option in the application on your computer.


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