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How To Get the Email Address You Want


Communication through emails is one of the most convenient of way of communicating with others in today's world. It becomes more convenient though if, you already know the email address of the person you want to contact.

Sometimes it so happens that we want to contact a particular person, but we don't the address where we are supposed to email the person. Though there isn't exactly a directory for email addresses, by various methods and search tools we can find the email address of a person whose address we don't already know. If you have any common links between you and the person you are looking for then you can email the common link and find out. The problem only arises only if you don't have anything or anybody common between you.

A decade or so ago, there weren't as many domain websites for email addresses that we have today. Today's email world consists of domains such as gmail, yahoo, hotmail, msn and many more. These four are particularly mentioned as they are the most popular domains around the world. Even if you don't know the domain of your person's email address, there is a great probability that he/she might have an account in these domains. In order to email the person you are looking, for a slight hint or information about the person, though, is always required to find his/her email address.

First thing you need to find is the domain of the address. If you have an idea then you can narrow down your research in that domain. If not then you would have to search. But thank good yahoo has made it easy now. They have a quick people finding search engine where you can type in the first and the last name of the person and a list of related email addresses would pop up on your screen. This engine can solve all your problems as it is not restricted to yahoo members only. If you get many common results, you can narrow down your research by searching you person's occupation, city etc.

Apart from yahoo, there are Google-based search engines as well where you can find the person you are looking for. Many corporations, colleges and universities have their own domain websites. If the person you are looking for belongs to a particular corporation and you know about it, then you can email the helpline address of the domain or you can simply search through the domain's search tool. In msn and many other domains even if you email the wrong address you immediately get a delivery failure notification which is a good thing. This would help if you had an idea about the address and it turned out to be wrong.

Tips and comments

Sometimes also, rather most of the time, people don't put in their real names. That can cause nuisance and finding such people can be very annoying. In that case a slight clue about an experience with a person can help. To email the right person, the person you are looking for, it is very important that you know about his/her first and last name or any important information regarding that person. Otherwise it can be a very grueling and time consuming job.

By Anushay Q., published at 02/28/2012
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