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In the medieval times, communication was very slow. As years advanced so did man kept discovering other faster ways of communicating. One of this advance means of communication was . When email was first introduced to the marketing, it revolutionized the communication industries. Email before its release to be used by the public, was a classified communication of the US military. is now part of everyday activity. It has taken over the communication in our offices in that managers or CEOs do not have to post MEMOs on notice boards, but send it directly to every staff emails boxes. Its speed to deliver message was the reason why since the day it was released to the public it has remain very popular and relevant today. Even with the advancement of mobile technology, email is still part of every new mobile device being released in the market.


The service is only accessed through the World Wide Web. Companies were established as provider of email services. We have free Email services and paid one. Whichever the case, all work the same. You need an email account to be able to use this service. You can get an email account for free from provider such as Yahoo and gmail. All that is needed is to register an account with them and you will be given an email address and a password of your choice to be able to access your email account.

Paid addresses are more customized. It is mostly applicable to business where the email address takes the name of the business. Some companies just offer this customized email addresses while other include it in other service like website hosting. Once you have hosted your website with hosting company you have the option of creating as many customized email address as you can. However, some web hosting companies have limits on what number of email one can create. This web companies have hosting packages. Each packages come with the number of email one can create. For example, most hosting companies have bronze, silver, and gold hosting packages. Bronze may have a limit of 250 emails while silver and gold might have unlimited emails.

Once you have the email address, you need to let people know about it so that they can send you messages through it. You can tell them by word of mouth or have it in your business card. You also need to get their email addresses and save them in you contact list for future use.

You should be careful on how you use because of the scammers who are out there waiting to steal from you. All email providers have put some measures of protecting you against these scammers, but to some extend it is up to you to be careful on the people you are communicating with. Be wary of Emails from strangers, offers or winning from lottery competition you never enroll in.


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