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What To Do When Scammers Email You


The internet is a very useful tool when it comes to communications. You can use emails to communicate and talk to you loved ones who might be away from you maybe on studies, business trips or even vacations. But on the other hand people have started using the email in a negative manner. People email you with intentions of scamming you. They intend to extort money from you or even send you emails with software applications that can help them hack into your account and access your personal information. Sometimes they use this information as blackmail and get whatever they want. There are many different kinds of email scams. Some are bogus emails, email lottery scams, charity scams, payment transfer job scams and even virus information.


Email scammers have been increasing on a daily base each one with a different motive. The scammers email you with certain tales. Most of this emails are very inviting, you are unable to resist opening them as well as reply to them. They touch on very enticing topics such as money. Some come in form of very “innocent” cases of mistaken identity. Scammers have been around for a long while taking advantage of unsuspecting individuals. The main aim of a scammer is to ensure that they get something out of the person they are scamming. The numbers of people who fall into such traps is very high. Some scammers email you in disguise of good Samaritans or people in distress and if not careful one can be easily pulled in since it is very hard to differentiate on who is genuine or not.


When you suspect that a scammer has sent you an email its is good to let him/her know that you are aware it is a scam by replying back to the email. When scammers email you they send the same email to a number of people hoping someone will fall for it, so always be sure to tell your friends around you. No matter what a stranger promises you in an email never give any of your personal information. Never reveal such things as your bank account details because when you do, your account will be wiped clean. You can also pose a challenge to the scammer by asking some questions you know he/she not be able to answer and they evade the question just be insistent this will tire him/her and make him/her reconsider and give up.

Tips and comments

As we all know prevention is better than cure. Instead of having to deal with scammers emailing you, just be sure to minimize the chances. Before giving out your email address or information confirm what it is to be used for. Be very careful with your password and do not put it somewhere anyone can access it or make it so obvious. Do not put down your email address unless you re sure how it is to be used. You can also change your password one in a while. You can report them.

By emma Wanjiku, published at 04/03/2012
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