How To View a Map in Google
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How To View a Map in Google

Published at 03/01/2012 19:06:24


How To View a Map in Google

One of the best maps and direction websites in map Google. Google Maps makes it easy to pin point different locations on a map and get directions from one location to the next. Even if you are not sure of the address, you can find business and stores on map Google by simply entering in the business name. You can set your default location to your address so that your search results always come up with the closest locations to you. There is so much that you can do with map Google that no other map and directions websites offer. You'll always get the best results with Google Maps.

Step 1

To view a map Google, you will need to go to the Google Maps website. Head over to and click on the maps link that is located at the top of the page. This will bring you to the home page for Google Maps. You should now see a large map picture on the right side of the page and a directions area on the left side. Start by setting your default location if this is something that you have not yet done. Just enter in your address and click to save.

Step 2

Now, in the search box at the top of the map Google page, you can type in the address or name of the business that you would like to find. For example, if you're looking for the closest McDonald's, type that business name into the search box. Map Google will then show you a list of all of the locations near you. On the map side of the screen, you can see pin points of where the location is. If you click on the pin pointed location, you have the option of getting directions, zooming in, and checking it out on street view. Street view zooms in the map and puts you right in front of the address so that you can see the store or home and everything around it.

Step 3

There are a few ways that you can look at the map Google. On the upper right hand corner of your map, you should see a little box that says map. Hover your mouse over this box and you can switch to earth mode. Back on the map mode, you can zoom in, zoom out, and pan the map in any direction. Street view lets you zoom all the way in as if you are standing right in front of the location that you were searching for.

Step 4

Map Google is the perfect place to get step by step directions from one point to another. On the left side of the page, just click to get directions. You can enter in the name of the location or the address in the point A box from where you will be coming from. In the point B box, enter in the name or address of the destination. This will show you a route on Google Maps that you can view and will also give you easy to follow, step by step directions on how to get there.

Step 5

To see locations and maps that you have previously viewed on map Google, click on my places and you will see a history of all your recent searches on Google Maps.


How To View a Map in Google

Use Google Maps to get directions when you're going somewhere that is not familiar to you. With directions, you will never get lost again.

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