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Google is the number one web search engine out there. If you are looking for a specific website, information, or pictures, finding Google sites is simple. The easy to use search engine allows you to put in a search term and browse their large Google sites directory for relevant websites that match your search terms. The internet brings us many different websites and tons of information, but you may have trouble locating it. A quicky search on Google will help you to find everything that you're looking for in no time at all.

Step 1

Before trying to find Google sites, you will need to decide what exactly you're looking for. Is there a website that you've gone to before, but can't remember the name? Are you looking for some information on a certain subject? Whatever you may be interested in finding, think of some search terms that may come back with relevant results. For example, if you're looking for a website that has children's games, you may want to search for educational children's games on Google sites.

Step 2

Navigate your web browser to to start searching for Google sites. On the main page, you should see a search box where you can enter in your search term. Type in what you're looking to search for and click on the Google Search link. Google will now look through the world wide web to find websites that match your search term.

Step 3

On the next page, you will be viewing all of the search results that Google thinks are relevant for you. Some of the most popular sites that offer what you're looking for will be at the top of the search results page. While some searches may bring back thousands of results, others may only have a few. Navigate through the websites that are suggested to see if any of these Google sites interest you.

Step 4

While on the search page, you can narrow down your Google sites results from everything to more specific types of results. On the left side of the page, you can click to see images, maps, videos, news links, shopping sites, and more. In the images section, you will find a wide variety of pictures that match what you were searching for. The shopping section is ideal for finding stores that carry the items that you're looking for and the best prices. News will give you the latest and most up to date news stories that are similar to your search term.

Step 5

Skim through as many of the Google sites that appear on your search results as you'd like. You are sure to find new websites that you have never visited before and ones that you thought you would never find again.


Any time you're having trouble finding information online, try using Google to search for it. By using this search engine every day, it will become easier to use and you should always be able to find exactly what you'd like through the Google sites directory. Try making your search terms more specific if you are not coming up with the results that you're after.

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