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Windows Vista Home Tips And Guidlines


Since the birth of Microsoft products, everything was done manually. Office workers rely on typewriters, adding machine, carbon paper, record books and so on just to accomplish basic task. However, when Microsoft Windows was launched to the marketplace, it introduces a whole new world experience to different institutions.

Windows Vista was set in motion in 2006 with a different mix of features in communication, entertainment, performance, productivity, security and safety. There were two edition launched worldwide: The Windows Vista Home Basic and Home Premium which includes modified functionalities and new features that focused on high performance, stability and compatibility of applications and drivers.

On the other hand, Windows Vista Home Premium is more advanced than the Home Basic. You will experience an extraordinary home entertainment on your machine with several options to choose from. Users can create, share movies and slide shows in minutes, and players will see a more substantial graphics and vivid multimedia.

Step 1

The very first thing that any consumer should do before embracing any operating system is to decipher their computer needs in doing their daily task at home or even at work. From there, it will be easier for them to choose between Windows Vista Home Basic versus Home Premium or any available operating system on the marketplace. Most of the advanced features in Windows Vista Home Basics and Home Premium operating system were developed for the use on personal computers, such as tablet, laptop and desktop. Basically their main objective was to intensify the level of communication using a peer to peer technology in sharing files and media between computers and devices on a home network, which are the basic needs of any consumer.

Step 2

Second thing to acknowledge before users can fully maximize the said features of Windows Vista Home Basic and Home Premium, are the certain requirements needed: 40 gigabytes hard drive (20 gigabytes for Home Basic with at least 15 gigabytes free space), 1 gigabytes of RAM (Random Access Memory) (512 megabytes for Home Basic), 128 megabytes of graphic memory (32 megabytes for Home basic), DVD- ROM drive and Audio Output. System configuration should be based on the users needs for proper product functionality.

Step 3

Third area that users should see is the different features of Windows Vista Home Basic and Home Premium that will equip them in maximizing the features on hand. Frequently used features particularly: Windows Media Player11 (playing and organizing videos), Windows Sidebar (desktop gadgets-clock, calendar and sports scores), Instant Search (faster and more in depth search), Windows Internet Explorer 7 (new improved user interface), Backup and Restore Center (schedule periodic backup of files), Windows Photo Gallery (photo editing and video production application), Windows Calendar (new interface and task application), Problem Reports and Solutions (view previously system issues and solutions), Windows System Assessment Tool (benchmark system performance), Reliability and Performance Monitor (tuning and monitoring system performance) and so on.


Any users should know is the security component of Windows Vista Home Basic and Home Premium. so, preventing scammers, thieves and hackers to steal any valuable information. Keep your computer software up to date and use only secured software, Protect your password and Back up your files are just some of the security measures that can be done by consumers.

Furthermore, consumers must learn the basics of system administration task in Windows Vista Home Basic and Home Premium to be able to perform or solve future system problem that will occur. The Windows Vista Home Basic aids you to accomplish your basic day to day task quickly and smoothly, like finding files and programs faster, connecting to company networks more securely, personalizing desktop with themes and photos, defending yourself against spyware and other malware, managing and monitoring your childrens PC usage, keeping all data privately and more securely.

By Seth Evan, published at 03/13/2012
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Windows Vista Home Tips And Guidlines. 4 of 5 based on 11 votes.


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