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How To Download Windows Vista For Free


Windows Vista, or Longhorn, was the previous edition of Microsoft Windows, developed and created by Microsoft. Microsoft Vista added advanced security, reliability, manageability, deployment and performance that the previous version of Windows before it, Windows XP did not have. Windows Vista was released in 2006, 5 years after Windows XP was launched. The 5 year gap was the longest gap between operating systems. Windows Vista's features include detecting hardware issues before the issues occur, security features that help protect against malicious software, such as viruses, worms, trojans, spyware, and adware.

Windows Vista stops these threats from damaging your computer. More features include quicker start-up, new sleep state, so that you use less power on your computer. There are four versions of Vista, which are Home Basic, Ultimate, Home Premium and Business. Windows Vista is still sold on sites like Amazon, but it is too expensive and it has not been updated for 3 years. No one wants to pay the price of Vista like it is new. Many Americans cannot afford food or gas, so they are not going to pay all of this money for Windows Vista. Yo can download free vista windows online from a torrent site or from a forum.

Step 1

Determine which free Vista Windows version you want. Remember, you have four Vista Windows to choose from. Two home versions, which are Basic and Premium and you have the Ultimate and Business version. Research the version you want the most before you download free vista windows.

Step 2

Determine which bit version you want and for what type of computer. Access your computer's Control Panel to see which bit version you have on your computer. Go to an area in Control Panel that says "System." All of your computer information is there. Do you want to download free vista windows on your desktop or laptop if you have multiple computers? Download free vista windows on your primary computer. If you computer is 32-bit, download free vista windows 32-bit. Do the same if you have a 64-bit computer.

Step 3

Download Vuze. Vuze is a bit torrent client. You need this program to download free Vista Windows. Install the program and then go to "" and then type in the Vista version you want download. Follow the steps on the site and the click "Download this torrent." Vuze opens the torrent and you are now downloading free Vista Windows.

Step 4

Make a free account on You can download free Vista Windows on this forum that contains free Vista Windows. After you create your account, you need to look for the search feature on, located at the top of the page.

Step 5

Click "Search" to search for free vista windows. Type in the Windows Vista version you want to download and then click "Search." Many search results appear that have the free vista windows version you want. Downloading free vista windows may take some time. The download is on filesharing sites, such as Rapidshare and Filesonic. You have to download each link at a time.

By Phoenix Sosa, published at 02/17/2012
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