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How To Get a Laptop With Vista


The latest version of Windows is Windows 7. Many people prefer to use Windows Vista, but are not sure if laptops with this version are still available for purchase. The great news is that a Vista laptop can be bought online or from some select retailers. 

Step 1

To purchase a Vista laptop with this version of Windows, you can start by searching online. Websites such as Amazon have a massive stock of laptops, some of which may still be available with the Windows Vista version. Amazon also sells pre-owned laptops with Windows Vista, if a pre-owned option is something that you may be interested in. Amazon has a money back guarantee and return policy with all purchases, so you can be sure that your Vista laptop will be in proper working condition.

Step 2

Visit your local computer and electronics store to see their available laptop computers for sale. In some cases, stores will have a large supply of laptops that were not sold before the new Windows update came out. Simply ask an employee if there is a Vista laptop that is still available for purchase. Though these laptops may not also be shown on the sales floor because they are older versions, it is possible that they will have at least one Vista laptop.

Step 3

If you are unable to track down a new Vista laptop and do not want to buy pre-owned, there is still a way to get Windows Vista on a brand new laptop. Even if your new laptop is running Windows 7, Vista can easily be downloaded on to it as your main operating system. You can purchase the Windows Vista software at computer and electronics stores, such as Best Buy, and online.

Step 4

Be sure to back up all of your documents before continuing with installing Windows Vista to your laptop. You do not want any of your files to get lost in the process. Insert the Vista installation disc into the CD-ROM drive on your laptop. This should automatically start up the program that will start installing Vista laptop software. You can choose to download a fresh copy of Windows, which will overwrite Windows 7 and make Windows Vista that main version on your laptop.

Step 5

Some laptops may not be able to run Windows Vista is they came with Windows 7 on them. Before purchasing a new laptop to download Vista on to, try doing some online research to see if Vista can be installed correctly and work with your computers hardware.


For those that have a lot of trouble locating a Vista laptop, try using Windows 7 or the newest Windows version to see if this is something that you may like and be able to get used to. Windows 7 does not have many differences than Windows Vista, except for the taskbar and some select settings.

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By Colleen Ross, published at 03/09/2012
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