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Your wedding day is one of the most significant milestones in your life, which is why it is so important for you to be prepared and ready for your close-up, from your headpiece down to your wedding shoes bridal shops offer. Every bride surely wants to look her best and, more importantly, feel that she truly is at her best state. No bride wants to feel uncomfortable and uneasy; every bit and piece of detail for the wedding day preparations should always consider the bride’s welfare, as much as the groom’s and the families’, friends’, and each and every guest for that matter.

In particular, the welfare of the bride ranges from the physical to the psychological and emotional. Being physically and aesthetically ready complements the other aspects of a bride’s welfare. One great example of this is wearing a pair of bridal shoes that the bride doesn’t really feel comfortable in. This can affect how a bride carries herself, and possibly how she interacts with the guests. The last thing anybody wants is a bride that strides in discomfort.

You are probably curious as to how to choose a pair of bridal shoes. After all, the spotlight always goes to the bridal dress—the bridal shoes tend to be overlooked. Here are five C’s to help you choose the right pair of bridal shoes:

Step 1

Choose the Style and Heel Height

The design choices of bridal shoes are largely extensive, and there is no excuse not to be able to find a pair that best suits your taste. You may opt to wear a pair of platforms, or choose to walk down the aisle in classic heels. Along with the style comes the heel height, and it is important to choose the heel height that you specifically want. If you have never worn a pair of 4-inch stilettos in your life, best stick to lower heel heights.

Step 2

Comfort is Key

Why you need to wear a pair of shoes that has just the right heel height is all explained in this next tip. Comfort is key. The last thing you want is to limp around awkwardly throughout the span of your wedding ceremony and reception. As the bride, you should be as worry-free and discomfort-free as much as possible.

Step 3

Complement the Dress

Your pair of bridal shoes should, of course, complement your dress. Factors to consider include color and material. This is relatively easy to handle, as most shops’ and boutiques’ salespersons are very helpful in assisting customers pick out a pair of bridal shoes. There is no real standard rule regarding this, and unconventional designers even encourage veering away a little from the usual ivory or cream shades for bridal shoes. These designers offer unique options such as orange shoes and strappy heels, among others. Whether you opt to g classic or choose to be a little outrageous, in the end it’s all about how it complements your dress.

Step 4

Consider the Cost

Unless you have been given the free will to spend without limit, the reality is that you need to be wise and cut down a little on the costs. Not that you should hold back from buying a really good pair of bridal shoes. The idea here is to buy great quality for the best price.

Step 5

Contemplate on the Wedding Set-Up

Where will your wedding be held? Is it a beach wedding, or a garden wedding? For the former, you need a pair that is friendly with sand and water, while the latter requires a pair that can endure grassy surfaces and soil. It’s all about wearing a pair of shoes appropriate for the nature of your wedding.


With these five C’s in buying a pair of shoes for your wedding, you can never go wrong. You only get married once, or maybe twice or thrice, but the fact is that the wedding day is truly a remarkable milestone in any bride’s life. Celebrate it in a pair of comfortable, lovely pair of wedding shoes bridal shops offer for every blushing bride out there.

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