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How To Get the Best Price on Apparel


If you are wanting to find the best price, on the best fashionable name brand clothing, there are a few places you should be looking first.


Step 1

First you will want to go online and look through Craigslist. Craiglist is a great resource to find just about anything used. If the ad does not have a picture of the item you are wanting to buy, ask the seller to send a picture so you know exactly what it looks like. Also remember to ask for exact measurements of the clothing to be sure it fits properly.

Step 2

Ebay is another great place to find loads of deals on fashion. You can find some stylish apparel at a price you can afford on Ebay. Be sure though before making any transaction on Ebay to do some research on the seller by reading their feedback scores. A good seller with have a lot of positive feedback on their Ebay profile.

Step 3

Shop at discount stores like H&M, TJ Maxx, Marshalls, Kohls. You can find a lot of reduced prices at these stores with clothes being marked down for clearance.

A few great places online that you can find quality clothing at a cheap price are Forever 21. Forever 21 has many items on their site priced at under $30.

Find great deals at Make Me Chic with apparel at a low price of under $30. A wide selection of many dresses, pants, costumes, boots, swimwear and more.

A’Gaci is another great place to find fashionable and trendy looking clothes all at a reasonable price. Many dresses are priced from $35 to $38.

You can also find a lot of clothing items on Amazon at a cheap price with low cost shipping and many times shipping through Amazon is free.

Step 4

Try going to yard sales and flea markets. Many times people will sell their unwanted clothing at a very low price at yard sales. Flea markets are another option you can try. Many times flea markets will have clothing at a substantially lower price than other places.

Step 5

Go to consignment shops and second hand stores in your community to find great quality apparel at a good price. Consignment shops tend to have higher quality clothing items than other thrift stores because they do not accept everything that comes in the store. They pick and choose what they want to sell in their shop.

Step 6

Finally, wait for the item you are wanting to buy to go on sale. Most stores have sales frequently throughout the year. A good time to buy clothing especially too is waiting for something to go out of season. Stores mark the price down on apparel at a very deep discount to make way for the new season's apparel.


Remember when you are shopping online for clothing to make sure to take proper measurements to ensure the apparel you order fits right. If shopping in person check the garment carefully for the quality of craftsmanship from any loose buttons to the seams being sewn on correctly, to the zippers working properly and paying attention if there are any stains present on the clothing.

By Krissy Brungs, published at 02/20/2012
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