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How To Upgrade a Digital Hard Drive


While upgrading your digital hard drive, the first question that comes in mind is how to get our data from the old hard drive to the new one without reinstalling everything. Here is a step-by-step guide to this problem, for a seamless transition to a new drive.

Step 1

Normally, an upgrade is required when you have run out of space in your digital hard drive. You should replace it with a new and bigger digital hard drive. If you have come across the limits of your small, old hard drive then it is the right time to upgrade.

Step 2

In some situations, the user may need to do is to install a second or even third digital hard drive for a little more space. But that is not the option, always, especially for the users who use laptops. The solution is that you clone old digital hard drive complete with your operating system and all your data to a new, bigger drive.

Step 3

So we start from a point at which you have installed the new drive. It involves a couple of screes and cables. Here we will discuss a few tools and options that can assist you clone your old h digital hard drive to a new digital hard drive.

Step 4

To upgrade your digital hard drive without reinstalling everything, you will need to use a utility to make an exact copy, or clone, from the old hard drive to the new one. A number of tools are available commercially for this purpose, these days. For example, Driveimage XML is an excellent tool for making a backup.

Step 5

The bigger problem, particularly if you are upgrading a laptop, is that you need to have a copy of Windows already running for most of the free utilities to work. In this case your best choice and option will be Linux based Clonezilla live CD, which streamlines the process of imaging your drive to an external drive or even a shared folder on another PC.

When it comes to upgrade, desktops are always easier to deal as you can easily get in there and move the cables around. So in this case you can easily hook up two or three hard drives at the same time so simplifying the whole process. So what you have to do is simply plug in the new digital hard drive and you are all set to go. Here we will boot from the CD so we will not plug this new digital hard drive in the primary slot or change the slot of the older hard once the cloning has been done you won’t have anything else to do.


While some laptops have the capability to take out the digital hard drive and add another, it’s not common. You will have to use external USB to SATA adapter to hook the old drive to the laptop. You can clone the drives that way. This eliminates the extra step of copying that data in the secondary device. It surely involves some extra money for a device which you might not use too often. So the best way is to borrow it from a friend or a PC repair guy.

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