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6 Benefits Of Getting a Usb 2.0 Hard Drive


External hard drives are the ultimate computer backup device and it adds space to the existing hard drive on your computer. First, you need to understand what an external USB 2.0 hard drive is and why you need one. 

All of our photos, videos, e-mails, blogs, journals are all now in a digital form in our computers. we need a filing cabinet reliable enough to keep our precious memories safe. That filing cabinet comes in the form of a little box that you can carry anywhere around and connects to your computer with a tiny black wire. Most hard drives connect to the computer through a USB 2.0 cable but there are other hard drives that connect through other buses depending on what is most convenient to you.

The advantage with a USB 2.0 hard drive is that it can be plugged anywhere and use the plug n play feature of Windows. Almost any Windows or Mac computer has a USB port making this the primary choice of connections. When you connect your hard drive to the computer you don't have to install any drivers to run it, it simply displays itself as another drive icon in the my computer window so it looks like you have another hard disk connected inside the computer. Apart from the plug n play the advantage of USB 2.0 drive is that its much faster than any other bus port. This is also the reason why all flash disks and other external devices use USB 2.0 connections.

Now coming to the advantages of having an external USB 2.0 hard drive, first its portable. Everything we have these days we usually need to carry with ourselves where ever we go, laptops, phones, cameras. portability of GBs of hard disk space is just another demand satisfied with this feature. It also helps when you want to share your data with family and friends. imagine having to give your laptop to your friend for a couple days so he can watch all his favorite episodes of TV series.

Next and most significant feature as discussed before is the backup feature. External hard drives usually can hold gigabytes and now even terrabytes of data. So they hold up to 10 times the data you can store in your laptop or desktop. This data can be protected by special antivirus software that are programmed to be installed in external hard disks so protecting data where ever the disk goes.

Tips and comments

External hard drives are easily upgradable. If you see that your hard disk is not able to store enough data, you can easily upgrade them to hold more data. Sometimes this is not the option, for e.g.: if you a 256Gb hard disk, they cant be upgraded that much but is fairly easier for hard disks by My Book. In such cases you could opt to buy another hard disk which considering today's demand and supply will not cost you that much.

It is getting cheaper and larger almost every month. Its just like other gadgets, you go to the market to buy the latest one and two months later you see there's a newer version on the market available. The ability to move all your data out of the computer keeps your system memory free of clogs and fragments. The system can easily process and manage data stored when it has less data to sort through. Some USB 2.0 hard disks have built-in encryption features, so you can save all your contracts and other official documents away in a safe for safety.

By Amara, published at 03/18/2012
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