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How Computers Hard Drives Affect Its Performance


The question that first rises in our mind is what are computers hard drives and what are their benefits? Hard drive computer is a vital part of any personal computer, usually known as the Hard disk. Its hardware consists of electromagnetically charged surfaces and is used to store data in a computer. Any program, file and image that is stored on the computer need some space which is on the hard disk drive.


Hard Drive Affects

There are many components of a computer which affect the performance of hard drive computers. These include the processor, Ram, graphics card and the hard disk drive. The hard disk of a computer can have an immense effect on the performance of the computer. First of all it’s important to know a bit about hard drives; hard drives are sold with different data transfer rates including RPMs and seek speeds. When a person spends hundreds of dollars on his machine with the best mother board, processor, and graphics card, then he should surely consider buying a computer hard drive which is amongst the best ones available in the market.

Hard drives consist of spinning platters that contain your data as a series of negative and positive magnetic charges. The faster these disks spin the quicker it will be to receive data from the computer (or transfer or copy it). It these disks are slow then no matter how strong the other components of the computer are, it will cause the computer to slow down. Internal hard drives should be bought carefully as they are permanently attached to your system and can cause a lot of trouble if they have a high latency. Modern computers need to run hard drives with low latency and a minimum RPM of 7200 rotations per minute, slower drives will result in a slower computer.

As the user stores more and more data in the hard drive computers, the spinning of the disks slows down, thus slowing the performance of the computer. To avoid such problems, you should always get rid of the useless files stored in your pc. Often, unwanted programs are installed in hard disk which can also slow down its performance. When you install programs and save program files on your hard drive, the files are automatically saved to the nearest available space on your drive. This means that files for your programs are fragmented if your hard disk drive is not organized correctly. This is why we need to de-frag our computer to place the files back together.

Defragmentation is an easy process which can be carried out by going in the start menu / accessories / system tools / defragment. In order to avoid keeping too much data in your hard disk, you can use an external hard drive. This way the data which is not frequently used can be stored in the external hard drive thus help a lot with the performance of the computer.

So it’s always better to be aware of what causes your hard drive computers to become so slow, this way you can save a lot of time as wells as a lot of tension.

By Khurram Hussain, published at 02/22/2012
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