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How To Upgrade To a 2.0Ghz Laptop


Often a person will get rid of a laptop and buy a new one when the one they own seems slow and out of date. However, that is not always necessary. You can upgrade your laptop's processor. If you have an older and slower computer, you may want to upgrade to a 2.0ghz laptop processor. Doing so will require some know how and some tools. It is important to follow directions and to use care when working on upgrading to a 2.0ghz laptop.

Step 1

  • Read the manual that came with your laptop. You will want to find out the speed of your processor and where it connects. You will want to purchase a processor that fits in the same place. Make sure your new one is a 2.0ghz laptop processor.

Step 2

  • Turn the laptop off, unplug it if it is plugged in and remove the battery. You will need a grounded wrist strap. This is necessary when working on any computer. Static electricity can damage a computer, the wrist strap prevents this from happening. This is important, if your laptop is damaged, it will ruin your 2.0ghm laptop upgrade plans. 

Step 3

  • Slide a small screwdriver under the latches that hold your keyboard in place. Slide the keyboard out and remove the cable connecting the keyboard to the motherboard. Removing the keyboard will enable you to work on the laptop to begin your 2.0ghz laptop upgrade. 

Step 4

  • Find the area that holds the processor. Remove the screws that hold the processor into place. Gently slide the processor out by holding both sides and pulling forward. You will want to compare the old processor to your new 2.0ghz laptop upgrade processor. The pins will have to be the same in order for them to fit your laptop. If you find that they are different, you will have to go back to the store to buy another 2.0gnz laptop processor.

Step 5

  • Slide the new 2.0ghz laptop processor into place. Replace the screws to hold it into the correct spot. Plug the keyboard cable back in and replace the keyboard. Put the battery back into your laptop. Plug the power cord back in and turn the laptop on. Allow the laptop to turn on so you can check to be sure that your 2.0ghz laptop upgrade is complete.


Be aware that upgrading your laptop in any way will most likely void your warranty. If you are still under warranty this is something that you may want to consider.

If you are uncomfortable working on the insides of your laptop, you can always bring it to a professional to get the job done. A professional will be able to handle your 2.0ghz laptop upgrade easily.

You will need small screwdrivers to work on a laptop. It is a good idea to have a small flat and Philips head screwdriver for laptop and computer work.

If the components in your lap top are soldered, it means that they can not be upgraded. While many laptops can receive a 2.0ghz, there are others that are not  upgradable at all.

Use care with small laptop screws. They are easy to loose. It is a good idea to keep a cup or bowl nearby to hold screws while you are working.

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