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Laptop Duo With Xp Software


Laptops have become an essential part of our day to day lives. From being practical and handy to being a symbol of status and entertainment provider - laptops are a must-have device of our time. Technology is improving every second of our lives - new gadgets, devices and software are being designed and released daily. Even though several new soft-wares and operating systems have been created for use, Windows XP still remains one of the most used operating systems in the world. This is due to its many benefits that has made XP a universal system. XP is simple to use, swift and supports most of the hard-wares. It has an abundance of programs, plugs, play features, great update features and is aesthetically good as well. Intel cores are microprocessors and consumers made by Intel company. Laptop duo with Windows XP supports Intel core 2 duo.


The first laptop was invented in 1981 by the name of Osborne. Comparably quite large and heavy than today's laptops, it was still an achievement as it offered the users to carry their data and work with themselves. It worked on a CP/M operating system. In 1983, a Compaq portable laptop was released which was an improvement. Over the decades several laptops were designed like Epson, GRiD Compass, Dulmont Magnum, Kookaburra, Ampere, Tandy model, Sharp and Gavilon, Kyotronic 85, Toshiba series Apple Macintosh and numerous others. In 1990s we saw a huge improvement in the technology like power saving processors, lighter and efficient batteries, liquid crystal displays, great storage technology, improved connectivity, modems and integrated video cameras and fingerprint readers. Laptops became popular due to their portable sizes and usefulness.


Laptop Duo utilizes a second generation Core 2 Duo processor designed by Intel. It is compatible with Windows XP with a 64 bit processor. It is also a very competent mobile CPU. Laptop Duo with Core 2 Duo has two physical core processors on one chip that work independently like Merom, Conroe, Penryn, Allendale and Wolfdale. They offer a wide range of performance, power consumption, higher efficiency and overclocking, that is faster speed. They overclock by typically increasing the front ride buss. Laptop Duo with Core 2 Duo also enable you to monitor the temperature of CPU. It can be said that in laptop duo with core 2 duo, L2 cache is silt into two parts that boost up the CPU performance. They offer a backwards compatibility with existing motherboards. If you own a laptop duo, all you need is a BIOS to upgrade your system. They are available in different voltages from low to high depending on the use. They draw less power, and are 10 percent faster than other processors.

Tips and comments

Laptop Duo are a great improvement for our busy lives. With two independently working processors on a single chip, laptop duo allows you to get the task done twice as fast. With a greater speed and a powerful performance, they let you multitask with ease and efficiency which gets even better when the operating system is swift and fast Windows XP.

By Qasim Ali, published at 03/22/2012
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Laptop Duo With Xp Software. 4 of 5 based on 11 votes.


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