How To Update Windows To The Latest Version
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How To Update Windows To The Latest Version

Published at 02/25/2012 17:51:29


How To Update Windows To The Latest Version

Computer has many accessories and parts, which are combined and worked together to start the computer and work properly. If any of the part is not working, computer will not work properly. In spite of all this, windows are the most important thing for computer, without windows system is of no use. In short, the windows can be described as important software which gives edge to the computer.

Step 1

The windows are operating systems of computers. Without the windows, interface cannot be developed and many features which are included in the windows cannot be used.

Step 2

There are many windows which have been introduced by Microsoft. Every new window comes with new features and new utilities. However, these new features can create problems for the users to some extent. The older windows versions are also updated by Microsoft, so that the new features and utilities may also be included in the previous versions of windows.There are many points and steps that can be taken in order to update windows to the latest version.

Step 3

The user must have information about the updates which are given by the windows manufacturing company. If the user is unaware of the new updates that are offered then he or she cannot update windows to the latest version because of less knowledge.

Step 4

There is a feature in the windows which allows the user to update windows automatically. By using this feature, one can update windows to the latest version. The program automatically finds the updates when the computer is connected to internet and installs the updates. However, it is the responsibility of user to allow these updates to be installed automatically or not. If the user doesn’t allow these updates to get automatically installed, the operating system will not find the updates automatically and the user will be required to check the updates manually by visiting the windows manufacturer’s website.

Step 5

  • Usually a pop up message appears and informs the user about available updates. Now it is at the decision of the user to choose the updates of his choice. In this way everyone can update windows by installing the required updates.Some of the soft wares do not work properly when they are installed. Thesis because, they requires update windows. This software also tells which updates are needed and which files are missing. By installing these files and updates, one can easily update windows.


How To Update Windows To The Latest Version

In order to update the windows, IT experts can also be consulted. The IT expert can guide the user to update windows and get the latest version.When we update windows to the latest version, much other software is updated also just to give the perfect compatibility with latest window version.


  • If a person doesn’t like to update the window and also wants to enjoy the new features, he should install the latest version of windows via CD or any other source.Updates should be installed regularly, as in these updates many features are combined which can enhance the security of the computers in order to prevent the computer from viruses.


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