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Tips And Ideas For Windows Service Pack

Published at 02/21/2012 01:03:33


The Windows operating system not only makes computer hardware usable, but also helps to maintain the performance and security of the overall computer. After consumers and businesses obtain a computer from a local or online retailer, they can do whatever they want with the system, which currently includes installing third-party programs. For many people, they rarely interact with the Microsoft Windows operating system that is running in the background, aside from using the taskbar in the start menu to control those programs.

In fact, to use these background programs, but not indirectly. It is when a Windows service or other operating system function starts to malfunction that soon discover that there is more to Windows than meets the eye.

If most of your computers have used or currently use a Microsoft Windows operating system, such as Windows XP, Windows Vista or Windows 7, then you have probably encountered a Windows service pack update. When you perform a Windows update, you are presented with a service pack update if one is available. These updates include just about anything relating to the Microsoft Windows operating system, including an update to the Windows update service.this

If you're having difficulties or don't quite understand how to use the Windows service pack, you can follow a few tips and ideas to make the process go smoothly.


Step 1

Back up files before performing a Windows service pack update. Although Microsoft performs quality testing on most of its software programs, including updates, things may go wrong during the process of installing the Windows service pack. In fact, the update process automatically create a system restore point just in case.

Additionally, you should back up your user generated documents to an external hard drive or USB flash drive. Most of the modern windows operating systems have a backup utility as well, which makes it easier to gather all of your files and store them in a safe place.


Step 2

Perform one last Windows update before installing a windows service pack updates. In most releases, Microsoft includes several update one service pack. However, there are some updates which must be installed singularly, apart from other updates, or your attempts to install the service pack update may fail.

You can access the Windows update service on the start menu and all programs. Click the check for updates button and wait for the dialog box to return which updates are available for download installation. Service pack update is showing as one of your available download options, uncheck the box next to this item. Leave other important updates check marked and then proceed with downloading and installing those updates.


Step 3

Ensure you have a high-speed connection before downloading the windows service pack update. these services include DSL, cable and mobile broadband. Alternatively, you could order a Windows service pack CD from Microsoft and have it shipped to your home for installation from the disk.


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