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What Are the Symptoms Of Brain Cancer?


Brain cancer is a condition that causes a lot of devastation to those who suffer. The main causes of this condition remain unknown although speculations are common. Like many other forms of cancer, the symptoms come when the problem is advanced. Brain cancer symptoms are also known to resemble signs of other diseases. Therefore, looking at the signs alone is not conclusive enough to tell whether one has the cancer or not. Having said this, there are two scenarios that give rise to these symptoms. First, when the tumours block different parts of the brain compromising function. The other is when the tumour swells; it can cause inflammation in the brain. This in turn gives out the various symptoms.


For many years, experts in this field were not able to identify some forms of brain cancer until a patient was dead. For example, tumours in the pituitary gland are very difficult to find. However, some of the top symptoms of brain cancer have come to play a critical role in informing about a potential cancer infection. As mentioned above, the signs have not been case specific. In other words, the symptoms may represent any disease. For this reason, doctors have advised people to always go through tests meant for diagnosis. This is the only way to get to the root of the problem. Some of the top symptoms include headaches, general body weakness and even clumsiness. When you feel that something is wrong in this regard, make sure not to ignore the signs. You are your best physician and above are just but the beginning of the warning signs, if indeed there is cause for alarm.


Brain cancer symptoms are certainly keys to unlocking the real problem that might be brewing. Another sign to look out for is difficulty in walking. Some people may not even realize this change. Therefore, when your friend or family comments about change in posture regarding walking, it is good not to ignore this. Another symptom of brain cancer is seizures. These are body fits that may last for a short period of time them occur again. When you have the signs above, it is not a warranty to panic. Seek help from your health care provider. Do not be quick to get drugs to treat the signs before you have a clear diagnosis on what is wrong. Other signs that one can observe is memory problems and difficulty with concentration.

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Brain cancer can also have symptoms such as nausea or vomiting. This is usually prevalent in the morning. Changes in vision could also be a sign. A sudden change in speech or difficulty therein is so another indicator that brain cancer might be present. Other things to look out for are intellectual declines as well as a challenged emotional capacity. All in all, the changes are hard to miss. Keep in mind that thee signs will be evident when the tumour has developed enough to wreck havoc. Getting tests even before the symptoms are evident can play a major role in averting a potential crisis. However, even when one discovers they are sick after the symptoms, there is hope for treatment that can manage the problem.

By emma Wanjiku, published at 02/23/2012
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