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What Are Symptoms Of Prostate Cancer


Symptoms of prostate cancer unfortunately appear when the disease has advanced. For this reason, men are advised to go for check up long before they see the signs. There are different kinds of signs to expect for this disease. The prostrate gland is located near the urethra. This means that the urinary system is affected and shows the first symptoms of prostate cancer. The first thing that men will notice is weakness in urine stream. Another thing to look out for is frequency of urination. A burning sensation while urinating and blood in urine are common signs of prostate cancer. At night, the urge to urinate will increase. Men might also find themselves unable to pass urine. There are other sign that accompany this condition and below is a look at more symptoms.


Other symptoms of prostate cancer include erectile dysfunction. Men who suddenly find that they cannot rise to the occasion need to be tested for this type of cancer. Symptoms of prostrate cancer can imitate other types of cancers or other diseases. For this reason, not all people who have erectile dysfunction will have prostrate cancer. Only a health care provider can determine this. Another symptom of prostate cancer is pain the bones. The back and hips are affected most. People also experience some pain below the spinal cord. Sometimes, there will be blood in semen and this will signify the presence of prostate cancer. Pain in the pelvic region is another common sign to indicate or alert people about the disease.


Another symptom of prostate cancer includes losing weight. Although, people can lose weight owing to various reasons, this type of cancer is able to shed the weight of the patient as they find their body weaker. General fatigue in the body can also be associated with the symptoms of cancer. In some cases, symptom of the cancer will include pain in the ribs. There are many other symptoms that can come with the disease. It is critical to see a doctor when you notice that something is wrong in this regard. However, people should get one or two check ups years to screen for such illnesses before they develop. This is the only sure way to prevent the potential problem.

Tips and comments

After one has seen the symptoms of prostate cancer, they can see a doctor for diagnosis and advice. There is always hope even when the disease is advanced. There are treatment options that can work to handle the problem. However, for terminal cases, the chance of recovering may be slim. Do not hesitate to ask a health care provider about this disease. Use this information to empower yourself. The cancer mainly affects men who are above the age of 40 years. Therefore, go for check ups to ensure that you catch the problem before waiting for the symptoms of prostate cancer. It is absolutely necessary to stay positive no matter the outcome, with proper management, one can beat the disease if found positive. Adopt a healthy lifestyle and eat proper nutrition to award way this and other forms of illnesses.

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