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5 Surprising Heart Diseases Facts


Heart disease is the leading cause of death worldwide and it is important to have heart diseases facts on the tips of your fingers. The most common cause of heart diseases is a narrowed or blocked artery a condition otherwise known as coronary artery disease. The heart can get a heart attack or a cardiac arrest. In the former it is the blood that stops flowing to the heart while in the latter the heart stops pumping due to an electrical fault. There are many heart diseases and the best way to know about them is to deal with heart diseases facts and not fiction, myths and hearsay.


It is important to have a clear family history dating back as far as you can get on the family tree. This should be detailed heart diseases facts in the family, the causes of the diseases, the effect they had and any treatments that may have been sought. This is important in determining if any member of the family is prone to heart diseases, measures that can be taken to avert or counter the problem and any immediate medical or first aid measures that can be taken in case of a crisis. These heart diseases facts should be kept where they are accessible by other family members and medical caregivers in case one is not able to provide the information and a serious problem has arisen.


Some surprising heart diseases facts that you should know are indicated below because they can save your life or that if a loved one. Women sometimes experience pain on the right side of their chest during a heart attack. This is an important one as it is possible to misdiagnose the problem or ignore it totally to the detriment of the woman’s health.

Gum disease could compromise the health of your heart. This indeed sounds like a fable but is true. Patients with high level of gum disease bacteria are twice at risk of getting heart disease. This is because the bacteria lead to the hardening of the arteries around the heart.

Another surprising heart diseases facts is that your mind can affect your heart. A study done on women found that women who were pessimistic were at a high risk of getting heart diseases than those who were optimistic. So keep an open mind.

Kissing is a good tool to fighting heart diseases. Maybe that is why you get that high feeling because the benefits are immense. Kissing promotes a positive outlook, blood circulation and the bacteria found in the mouth fights off gum diseases.

Another heart diseases facts is that omega 3 will lower your risk of heart disease. A good proof is Japan’s low heart diseases rate.

Tips and Comments

There are many heart diseases facts out there and many in the pipeline as scientists and nutritionists work endlessly and tirelessly to try and bring down this silent killer. Keep track of new heart diseases facts that come up and practice and eat healthy for a longer life.

By Emma Wanjiku, published at 04/05/2012
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