How To Choose the Best Hair Length For Your Face Shape
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How To Choose the Best Hair Length For Your Face Shape

Published at 03/22/2012 01:03:53


How To Choose the Best Hair Length For Your Face Shape

From curled hair to straight hair, short hair to medium and long hair lengths, with or without bangs there are quite a few hairstyles to choose from. Still, choose wisely or ask a hairstylist’s advice because while some of these may flatter your face features, others can point out your flaws. If you want your great cheekbones or other features of your face to stand out, choose your hair length and hairstyle according to your face shape. It might be challenging, but as long as you understand the relation between your hair and face shape; you have nothing to worry about.

Step 1

Although human faces are all unique, if we are to group them according to the length and width of the forehead and jaw, the next face shapes rise to the surface: oval, rectangle, round, square, heart and triangle. All hairstylists agree that the oval shape of a face is the most balanced. Therefore, the principle which is at the basis of a correctly chosen hair length and hairstyle is to try and select the ones which bring your face shape closer to the preferred oval shape.

Step 2

A rectangle form has the length bigger than the width, and the jaw width is equal to that of the forehead. For this type of face, nothing balances the features better than a short hair length. This will make a long face appear shorter. Still, if you are not ready to cut your hair, regardless if you have medium or long hair, start by styling bangs to take from the length or adopt a hairstyle with multiple layers to complete the long length.

Step 3

For the women with a round face to look like they have oval faces, hairstylists advise them to adopt haircuts with long hair, hair that covers the width of the face and coiffures which add fullness at the top of the head. Short cuts can look good on round faces only if they are styled to have volume on the upper part of the head.

Step 4

If the width and length of your face are equal and the cheek and jaw bone lines are straight, you have a square face that needs to be sweetened. Long hair length which covers your cheek and the sharp edges of the jaw is the most recommended hairstyle. You can polish the look with some nice bangs that go from one side to another and volume on the top of the head.

Step 5

The ones with heart shaped faces are lucky because as long as the thin jaw is equilibrated, they look good with any hair length. Choose hairstyles which end at the chin line, like the bob does, or hairstyles with layers that start at the chin line and give fullness to this area.
The triangle shaped faces have to complement the prominent jaw with some fullness on the forehead and cheeks. For this reasons, short haircuts are the best suited. Incase you like your long hair too much to cut it, do some bangs or choose coiffures with volume at the crown.


How To Choose the Best Hair Length For Your Face Shape

All this said, for your best features to be pointed out and the defects to be hidden, choose your hairstyle and hair length that suits your face shape.

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