Ten Top Odd Mental Diseases
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Ten Top Odd Mental Diseases

Published at 01/06/2012 20:37:31

Mental Diseases

Ten Top Odd Mental Diseases

Are you as puzzled as almost anyone when it comes to mental illness or diseases? There have been a lot of researches about mental diseases and how to deal with them and those research were able dig deeper into the puzzle which is the human brain. The many disorders and diseases that involve that mind are mostly critical and tragic. People who are affected with metal disorders or diseases are not as easy to understand and deal with. The numbers of affected people are getting higher each year which is now more that 20 percent of the population in developed countries.

We might not be able to have all the cures of these mental disorders but at least understanding them should be easier to do. This article will tell you some basic stuff about mental diseases and point out ten odd mental diseases that have been puzzling for medical doctors of their causes.

Common Mental Diseases

Ten Top Odd Mental Diseases

The most reported cases of mental diseases or disorders include anxiety disorder. Being anxious every now and then is just normal but when it get very frequent and the person reacts abnormally to everyone and everything around then it could be something else already.

Organic brain disorder is another problem that can cause different other diseases like hemorrhages, concussions, Huntington disease, or Parkinson’s disease.

And another common mental disease is personality disorders. Most common symptom of the person with this disorder is the feeling that everyone is against her and that reality is hurtful.

Ten Odd Mental Diseases

Ten Top Odd Mental Diseases

But there are odd mental diseases that are really puzzling even to doctors. You might have heard about these odd diseases but read on and you will see the top ten odd mental diseases there is.

The reduplicative paramnesia is quite similar to the idea of the philosopher Plato’s World of Ideas. The person thinks that there is another world that exists simultaneously with the one we have.

A delusion that one is immortal is what is experienced when someone has cotard delusion.

The Capgras delusion gives those affected by it the idea that people some people have been replaced with an imposter.

Fregoli delusion on the other hand would give an idea that many people are only with one personality or disguise.

Another disorder is the Jerusalem Syndrome happens when one thinks of religious obsessive ideas and other stuff after a visit from Jerusalem.

The Stendhal Syndrome happens to those exposed to the world of arts. The person develops a psychosomatic illness.

Paris Syndrome refers to a form of culture shock.

Excessive self neglect and compulsive hoarding and reclusive tendencies are the symptoms of the Diogenes Syndrome.

The Lima Syndrome happens when a hostage taker has become emotionally attached to the plights and the needs of hostages.

And there is also the Stockholm syndrome where the hostage taker becomes attached to the hostage and show sympathy. 

Dealing with Mental Diseases

Dealing with these mental diseases varies from one to another. Doctors would recommend different treatments to their patients. Some would recommend antipsychotics or antidepressants to people suffering from mental diseases.


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