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How To Protect Yourself From Gardening Diseases


Gardening is a hobby of choice for many people around the world. Unlike farming and forestry gardening is slightly labor intensive. Gardening has been practiced since ancient times. Many ancient texts describe the places of Kings and Aristocrats being adorned by beautiful gardens. Modern gardens are very much different from old times. There are many types of gardens and gardening practices these days. The most common are botanical gardens, zoological gardens, indoor gardens, water gardening, community gardening, commercial gardening and household gardening. Of all these types house hold gardening and commercial gardening is the most common type accounting for more than half of all gardens around the world. Commercial gardening refers to growing of grapes, fruits etc for selling them in a commercial manner. House hold gardening on the other hand is done by people around there own houses. People grow small gardens in their own lawn is an example of household gardening. By many people are not aware of potential gardening diseases and how to protect themselves from it.


The Threat of Gardening Diseases and Prevention:
Many experienced gardeners know that the garden plants are prone to diseases, infections and insect infestations. But many of the experienced gardeners have no ideas the number of gardening diseases that can affect them. Contrary to belief gardening is not completely safe and precautions have to be taken. Rose gardener's disease is gardening disease caused by fungus Sporotrichosis. The disease affects the person’s skin, lungs, joints, bones, and brain. It’s usually spread by roses hence it is called rose-thorn or rose-gardeners' disease. Since the harmful fungal spores enter the body through skin contact or through respiration it can be prevented by using protective gloves and respiratory masks while gardening.

Another dreadful gardening disease is Lyme disease and Rocky Mountain spotted fever. Lyme disease and Rocky Mountain spotted fever is spread by infected ticks during summer season. These ticks are mainly found in woods and gardens. An infected tick can easily spread these diseases by biting or coming in contact with a person. The main precautions we can take are avoiding gardening during peak infestation time. Also if one must continue gardening using long sleeves and pants to cover the whole body is must. Also taking a bath using disinfection soaps after gardening can help. If even after observing all these precautions an incidence of tick bite or any of its symptoms of nausea, vomiting etc occur its best to consult a medical practitioner immediately.


Some gardeners in an effort to save their garden and themselves from gardening diseases start using pesticides and other harmful chemicals on their gardens. Though certain pests and other harmful insects may get killed it may do more harm than good. Recent research has shown the residual chemical from pesticides can cause harm to humans in close proximity long after the chemicals are dispersed. So before thinking of using any chemicals on your lawn and gardens think of the ill effects it can have on your family’s health.

Tips and Comments

Gardening can be one of the most relaxing activities and can give a person sense of satisfaction. But to enjoy ones gardening interests fully it is must to have knowledge of all the possible gardening diseases and to protect our self from it. Doing so will help us continue to enjoy gardening for many more years to come.

By Sia Attavar, published at 02/27/2012
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