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Early Signs Of Betta Finrot

Taking Care of the Betta Fish

Those who love to have fish as their pets surely have heard of the Betta Fish. Those who are into breeding fish or just want to own an aquarium that will have colorful and beautiful types of fishes would go for this type of fish.

But like any other pets, there are several things to consider before you decide to have your aquarium filled with betta fishes. If you want them to be happy and healthy while in that aquarium of yours then you must make sure you take into account the aspects of breeding them. Having food to eat and clean water to swim in are not the only things you should take care of. There are more to than just feeding and keeping the waters clean when taking care of a betta fish.

The Fin Rot Disease

Like people, those cute little betta fishes can also get diseases. Yes, they do get sick too. But the tricky part is that they can’t complain about it to you—for obvious reasons. Since your beloved fishes can’t tell you if they are having diseases like finrot, you yourself must be vigilant and observe some symptoms. There are early signs that will tell you if your fish is not having the best health condition.

One of the obvious signs that your fish will show if finrot is in them, is the loss of appetite. Once you notice your fish not eating as much as it does then start looking for any other changes or signs for any problems. You will also find the fins of your fish seemingly compressed. To recognize if you betta fish is clamping its fins, see if the fish is trying to hold its fins as close to its body as possible. This act of clamping their fins to their body is your fish’s way of telling you that they are ill, sad or just not feeling great about something.

As the name of the disease suggests, the fish will tell you if it is suffering from fin and tail rot disease if it shows their fins and tails as ragged and looks like it was bitten off or shredded looking. You will find these lesions discolored in white or grey and with and edging that is red in color.

Cause of the Infection

Finrot is a common infection that your can have in your fishes in the tank aquarium. This infection is caused by bacteria known as Cytophaga. Not on does infection occur in Betta Fish but it can also be present in other types of fishes with long and soft fins.

To prevent this infection from affecting your fish, you have to observe some factors in taking care of your fish. What is most observed is that stress and poor environment conditions can really trigger finrot to happen.

Good Maintenance Is Necessary

Taking care of a fish like the Betta Fish should also means making sure their living conditions are considered. Regular maintenance of your fish tank aquariums should not be taken for granted to ensure that your fish is in great living condition. This will help them avoid infections like finrot.

By Cryogene Clooney, published at 04/01/2012
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