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What Are The Causes Of Neuro Diseases


When the terms neurological disorders are mentioned what should come to your mind is the nervous system. This is because these neuro diseases usually affect the nervous system of the body. Basically, it involves biochemical, electrical or structural abnormalities in the nerves, the spinal cord and most importantly the brain. The symptoms that may manifest with neuro disease include muscle weakness, paralysis and loss of sensation, poor coordination, confusion, seizures, altered consciousness and pain. The most common and recognized neuro diseases are numerous. 

Even for the fact that the spinal cord and the brain are well surrounded by membranes which are said to be tough, they are still prone to neuro diseases. The most common cause however is the genetic disorders which are sometimes referred to as congenital abnormalities. Such diseases include muscular dystrophy and Huntingtons disease, both of which are caused by faulty genes.

It has been proven from numerous researches that the brain as well as the spinal cord is enclosed with bones that are the skull and the spinal vertebrae respectively. Even for these major protection measures they are still venerable to infections, which are one of the most popular causes for neuro diseases. Infections such causing brain diseases like Meningitis may cause the neuro disease to develop.

Environmental problems related to health can also be causes for neuro diseases. Such environmental problems can be malnutrition, spinal cord injury or brain injury. Major Vitamins like B1 complex do really help the brain and the nerve function, so their deficiency in the body would lead to neuro diseases such as Myelopathy which is a disease of the spinal cord.

Autoimmune disorders are also common causes for neuro diseases. Such disorders can be lysosomal storage disorders like the Niemann-Pick disorder which leads to deterioration of nervous system. Damage to own immune system can also lead to neurological diseases as some of the infections such as meningitis cannot be effectively fought off.

Other Causes Of Neuro Diseases

Chemical poisoning is a cause that cannot be underestimated when talking about causes of neuro diseases. When a person especially children inhales paint which contains lead for instance may cause very serious symptoms related to neuro diseases. One would expect to have numbness of the extremities, tingling in the extremities as well as vision impairment.

Did you know lifestyle would be possible cause for neuro diseases? If you dint know then this is very true. Behaviors like taking beer, drugs as well as smoking cigarettes can lead to serious symptoms related to the nervous system. Losses of memory, vision loss as well as loss of conscious are some of neuro diseases that one would expect if they adopt such lifestyles.


Many neurological diseases are life threatening and if left untreated they can lead to death. Even for the fact that some of them have no treatments or are caused by congenital factors it would be a wise idea to look out for the causes and avoid them if possible.

By Hannah, published at 03/21/2012
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