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How To Treat Endemic Diseases


Endemic diseases are diseases which exist in a certain population without any help from the external environment. Usually, an endemic is confused with an epidemic which is an outbreak of a disease which spreads, where an endemic is constantly present in a population. Endemic diseases can prove to be difficult to control if not treated properly. An example of an endemic disease is Malaria.

Step 1

There are a number of approaches in which endemic diseases are treated. The first step is to make a clear cut survey of the people with endemic diseases. This will give an approximate number of victims within each community. This will also help in providing the correct treatment to all that are subjected to the disease. This survey can be done by interacting with the people and asking them different questions.

Step 2

After getting an estimate on the number of victims there is a need to make a proper diagnosis of the victims of the endemic diseases. this will help to separate the definite cases from the suspected ones. The diagnoses can be done with the help of blood tests and urine test. Accurate diagnosis is crucial because endemic disease must be treated properly. wrong treatment can lead to serious consequences. For example, two of the endemic diseases are hepatitis and malaria so in order to treat them it is very important to diagnose them properly first. The samples are then sent over to the lab to be diagnosed. This step becomes very difficult if the population is located in an area which is not accessible due to poor infrastructure or difficult topography.

Step 3

Then comes the most important step in which grouping is done. This step is one of the most important in treating endemic diseases because the severity of the disease is different in different groups of people. One group for example may be severely infected with malaria where the other might be at a different stage of malaria and so would require different treatment from the one with severe disease. This step is basically done to have a clear picture for the right treatment for all the groups of the population. Some cases with a severe disease are admitted to the medical facilities where some are given treatment at home.

Step 4

Then comes the step in which basic treatment is given with the help of vaccines or medicines. These are made available in a specific population with the endemic diseases. This is very difficult if the population is located in an area without proper infrastructure. The medical specialists do their best to make the proper treatment available to all the groups.

Step 5

Then comes the last step in which control measures are taken, in short preventive measure are taken in order to eliminate the endemic diseases from the community. The preventive measures are taken first by spreading awareness regarding the endemic disease. Preventive measures also involve improving the hygienic conditions as most of the endemics are spread in areas with poor hygienic conditions. so proper sewage systems and proper water supplies must be provided in order to eliminate the disease.


The best way to combat any disease is to maintain a good balanced diet, good hygiene and the fact that one should always consult a medical specialist once a month. Endemic diseases such as malaria, hepatitis, meningitis and chicken pox can be cured through timely diagnosis and proper treatment.

By Maryam Cheema, published at 03/24/2012
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