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What Are Some Diseases Of Aquatic Organisms?


In most cases, when aquatic animals live in a bad environment, for example nutritious food, good and natural temperatures and the quality of water that is favorable, the aquatic animals will bleed normally without any infections. Diseases of Aquatic Organisms usually occur when the bacteria, parasites or the viruses are introduced to the water or the aquatic animal environment or habitat. When the aquatic animals live less optimal environment, they will not resist to aquatic disease, thus they will be affected by the popular Diseases of Aquatic Organisms that are mostly found at the low level conditions. That is why it is important to ensure that all the aquatic animals live in a bad environment that is standard and also try to protect them for any foreign disease.

Conducive environment for fish

If you are keeping your aquatic animal like fish in the pond you need to consider the following:

Quality of water, water contains oxygen thus enough water in the fish pond will provide adequate oxygen to fish. If you have enough water in the fish pond you will reduce the attack of Diseases of Aquatic Organisms or rather reduce the infections in the fish. If your soil water is full of alkaline or the soil chemistry is not good or rather conducive to rearing fish, it will make the water in the pond to be acidic thus bring about Diseases of Aquatic Organisms. To avoid the aquatic disease you need to keep the PH level at the best level that is relative to fish rearing.

Availability of food, like any other animal the aquatic animals like fish also need food, the food should be balanced and available for them to survive. Adequate food supply will reduce the aquatic diseases, which can attack fish. Ensure that there is quality fish food, liming, stock the food and add fertilizer in order to allow natural fish food to grow, so that fish can enjoy the natural food. If do good stocking, you will be able to ensure the good growth of the fish, thus you would have controlled the snails and aquatic plants that can cause Diseases of Aquatic Organisms, because they carry the parasites that attack fish and other aquatic animals.

Prevention of Diseases of Aquatic Organisms

If you are rearing fish you need fast to consider their health before putting them in the fish pond. When you are buying the fish organism ensure that the seller is has good reputations and credible. This means that the fish he will sell to you should be healthy without any infections whatsoever, avoid keeping or stocking fish that you caught from wild, because the wild fish may have a disease that you don’t want to introduce to your fish pond, like the exotic disease called koi. If you buy the fingerings that are health looking from a credible breeder you will be sure of very low infections or non in your fingerings. Make sure to ask the breeder about the health conditions of the fish, their koi herpes virus and koi ulcer disease before you introduce them to your fish pond.

How to recognize fish health problems

It is not simple to recognize the health problems in the aquatic organisms if they live in large waters or large fish ponds. But you can know their health problems by: reduction in feed consumptions, change in behavior for example, they will swim slowly, rubbing themselves, congregations at the edge of water or the aerators. You can also know that they are sick or have health problems if the fish has damaged skin or find dead fish in the fish pond.

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