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List Of Skin Diseases And Photos


Skin diseases are a type of infection that inflames the skin causing irritation. A list of skin diseases can include the following.


This is the first one on the list of skin diseases - it is a kind of a skin disease that causes the inflammation of the skin. This can be caused by quite a number of things like fungi, bacteria and allergens. In the majority of the cases, they are brought about by allergy related infections. In its chronic form it causes the thickening of the skin, scaling and even pigmentation. The ones that are mild cause reddening of the skin and oozing. It is said that the damage of the layers that protect the skin can cause eczema/dermatitis. The best way to protect the damage of the skin is by the use of lotion that protects the outer layer of the skin.

Another type of the dermatitis included on the list of skin diseases is the atopic dermatitis which is a chronic form of skin disease that is mainly caused by frequent allergies. It mainly affects families that are prone to hay fever and asthma. Apart from the other common symptoms of dermatitis, this kind of skin disease is characterized by cracking and crusting of the skin.

Contact dermatitis as suggested by the name is a kind of skin disease that is caused by any contact with substance that irritates the skin.

In order to treat this kind of infection or disease, it is very crucial that the cause of the disease is eliminated. In the case where the infection is mild then one is supposed to take a cool bath and apply the shielding ointment. In case the situation does not heal then it is advisable to see a skin specialist for advice.


Herpes is a skin disease that is caused by virus and is number 2 on the list of skin diseases. It affects the mouth area and the lips. It also affects the genitals and the face area.

Mainly it is characterized by itchy vesicles that are mainly filled with a lot of clear fluids and at times the vesicles may erupt. For other people they may feel some itch or a little pain in the area before it occurs. The herpes that affect the genitals is normally sexually transmitted.

It can be treated by eliminating the condition and taking antibiotics to as to prevent any bacterial or fungal infection. This condition however does not have any cure.

Epidermolysis Bullosa

This type of skin disease included on the list of skin diseases is inherited and at the same time it is chronic. It does not inflame the skin, the epidermis is just loosely connected to the dermis and cad detach at any time thus causing large blisters and also erosion after even a very minor friction or any slight trauma.


Acne most of the times affect the face, back and the chest and it is also included on the list of skin diseases. They affect both genders from the age of about 10 to 40 years. It is an inflammatory disease that affects the hair follicles and the sebaceous glands this is caused when some of the cells close to the openings of oil gland get to block the openings. This causes oil to build up under the skin. In the process the bacteria that in under the skin feed on the oil thus multiplying and as a result the inflammation occurs.

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