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How To Treat Penile Diseases


Penile diseases are infections that affect the penis. They mainly affect the foreskin of the penis. Some of the common penile diseases include the phimosis, balanitis and paraphimosis. Most of the penile diseases are very common and they can be very embarrassing, uncomfortable and also stressing.

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Peyronie’s is a kind of penile diseases that comes as a lump in the penis. It normally forms as a hard lump; it can be hereditary, allergy, disorder in the connective tissues, infections such as Candida and vacuities. Treating this kind of penile disease require surgery to remove the hard lump and this can be done in two kinds of techniques. One of them is by cutting out the lump and placing a patch of skin in the cut area. The other way is by pinching the affected tissue sideways in order to cancel the possible effects; this can cause the penis to be short. The other option to this treatment is by implanting in the case where the man has lost the ability to maintain erection.

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Inflammation of the skin may cover the head of the penis. This can be caused not being circumcised and surgical removal of the foreskin. It can also be caused by lack of hygiene, diabetes and not washing the penis on a regular basis. Treating this kind of infection however depends on what has caused it. Antifungal and antibiotics can be prescribed when the disease is caused by an infection. When the inflammation is very persistent then circumcision is recommended. Therefore, one is recommended to maintain proper hygiene and also discouraged fro using strong scented soaps.

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Stretching of the foreskin

Stretching of the foreskin occurs when one is infected by Phimosis. This kind of penile disease occurs when the skin in the penis is extremely tight for it to be pulled backs. This can be caused by getting a scar due to injury, at birth or through an infection.

Apart from stretching the foreskin, there are some medications that can be used to applying top of the penis. It can also be treated by removing the foreskin; the other way also is by separating the foreskin and the penile glands and is referred to as preputioplasty.

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Draining the blood in the penis

One of the penile diseases that can affect the male is called Priapism. Priapism is the kind of infection that makes the penis erects but does not get finished that first. It can remain erect for hours or even days. The cause of Priapism can be sickle cell anemia, blood pressure, abuse of drugs/alcohol, genital injuries, use of antidepressants and leukemia.

So when one suffers from this kind of penile disease, their blood is being drained to relieve the erection and to restore the function of the penis. The draining of the blood can be drained by inserting a needle in the penis and pulling out the blood. At times patients of these diseases are advised to use some medications that help reduce the blood flow to the penis or that which may shrink some of the blood vessels. It is recommended that blood transfusion must be done when the penile diseases is caused by sickle cell anemia.

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Lack of hygiene on the private parts can cause some irritation. This kind of irritation can be very uncomfortable especially in public places. It comes at any time and one cannot stop from itching.


Penile diseases are dangerous if not cured in good time because it interferes with the self confidence, sex functioning and also interpersonal relationships. Most of these penile diseases are very infectious like the sexually transmitted infections.

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