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How To Treat Diabetic Eye Diseases


Diabetes develops when the pancreas generates little or no insulin in the body and therefore blood sugar levels go up. Diabetic eye diseases are caused by diabetes mellitus which is one of the leading causes of irreversible blindness worldwide. It can also cause reversible, blurring or permanent loss of vision. It also increases the risk of developing cataracts which is a clouding in your eye lens and affects the vision and glaucoma which is a very complicated disease that damages the optic nerve which leads to progressive irreversible vision loss and is also the second leading cause of blindness. Blood sugar abnormalities in people with diabetes mellitus causes changes in the walls in the small blood vessel in the retina resulting to blurry vision.


Most people suffering from diabetes are not aware that if not treated or neglected diabetes can cause diabetic eye diseases. People associate diabetes with sugar intake and are not aware that even their lifestyle and habits can increase the risks that are associated with diabetes. The lack of proper information about diabetes and diabetic eye diseases can be fatal to a patient it is therefore important to get a second opinion just to be safe. Diabetes is a very dangerous disease and can even cause death if not treated of if the correct information is not provided. Financial problems have also played a role in the increase I diabetic eye diseases when a patient is not able to control it. Diabetes can infect anyone not just the old people.


It is easy to treat diabetic eye diseases at home. The patient should control their weight and make sure it doesn’t fluctuate because this might be a problem. The patient should also eat a proper diabetic diet that is by limiting foods with a lot of sugar, eating in small potions in intervals during the day, eating a variety of fruits, vegetables and whole grain foods, eating less fat, using little salt and limiting alcohol intake. Take the prescribed medicine in doing this you reduce the problems associated with diabetes mellitus. If the diabetes eye diseases have really progressed the patient should visit an ophthalmologist for professional help.

Tips and comments

It is good to take care of your body whether sick or not. It is also important to make sure you get the best advice and help before undertaking any treatment blindly. Seek professional help before you decide to tackle the problem on your own. If you do not suffer from diabetes and there is a history of diabetes in your family it is recommended that do regular check ups. Having a healthy diet and taking your medication is going to reduce the risks of you suffering from diabetic eye diseases. Avid taking too much sugar as well as salt for this might upset your blood sugar levels and cause your body some problems. Watching your weight will help a lot and if you are obese it would do you a lot of good to reduce a few pounds

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