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Rare diseases are diseases which affect few people in the world. Due to this is very difficult to identify the disease especially in areas where they have never witnessed cases of these rare diseases. In most cases the rare diseases are genetic and therefore it remains in the person’s body for rest of his or her life. In most cases rare diseases appear early in life of an individual. About a third of the children affected by these rare diseases die at an early age and the remaining two thirds can survive with these rare diseases. The rare diseases differ from one par of the world to another, for instance some rare diseases are common in some parts of the world than other parts.


Different people in the world have different idea about the rare diseases. In every part of the world people have different opinions about the cause of these rare diseases. These different believes makes it difficult for the proper medication for these rare diseases. These rare diseases are believed to be genetic because many people diagnosed with these rare diseases are believed to have inherited the rare disease from the family members, and if no family members have this rare disease, then a keen follow up will reveal that at least a member in that lineage family had that rare disease. Symptoms of these rare diseases differ with the time they appear. In some cases it appears during birth but in other cases it appears after the child is full grown. It is so sad for people with rare diseases since in most cases the rare diseases are chronic and does no respond to the medication giving the victims pain and suffering through out their life.


The number of people living with these rare diseases and the number of rare diseases recorded in a particular time is used to explain the effect of the rare diseases. This is because the rare diseases differ and vary from one population to another. This makes it a genetic and infectious disease. It is also believed that the rare diseases differ with geographical area such that, such that there are rare diseases witness in highland areas but they are not found in lowland areas. In some parts of the world people defines rare diseases as life threatening while in other parts people give this rare diseases names according to the mode of treatment given to the people suffering from rare diseases. Other people have also nicknamed it orphan disease in place of rare disease. Although the scientists are researching on these rare diseases, they are yet to come up with the best medication for it because the rare diseases differ from one another in every part of world. Due to these rare diseases proving to be stubborn, it has forced the community and the world as a whole to come together so as to help each other fight these rare diseases.

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It is very important for the government and the non governmental organization to come together and help the citizens fight against these rare diseases.

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