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How To Know If You Have Diseases Scabies

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Diseases scabies are diseases that affect skins of our body. Scabies are contagious diseases caused by mites. The mites are so tiny to be seen by naked eyes which penetrate to the skin, hatch their eggs there as a result makes person suffering from the disease to develop itching condition that can lasts for days or months if not treated. Diseases scabies can also got from having sex with a person who has scabies. For any one suffering from the diseases scabies you don’t have to worry as the diseases is treatable if you seek medication.

.But there are other diseases scabies that don't show any signs at all or only shows signs after along period of time. The diseases are common especially where members of the family share items this is due to its contagious form.One should seek medical advice no sooner the signs appear

Step 1

You can tell if you have diseases scabies when rashes and pimples start appearing on your body parts like armpits, between the fingers and toes. This is caused by the allergic reaction of the scabies mites’ eggs and faeces as they penetrate deep into the skin

The skin appear redish and you can also see swelling forming patterns allover your body

Step 2

Skin irritation followed by intense itching all over your body. Due to the reaction caused by the mites faeces you will be scratching the affected parts severely making blisters and bumps to appear and that may damage your skin. The affected parts may turns reddish symptoms associated with diseases scabies

Step 3

Failing to get sleep at night. The effects of the mites which burrow into the skin brings this itching effect to the body parts like the genital areas, armpits between the fingers. At night you feels un comfortable.This is one of the notable signs of deseases scabies

Step 4

Skin becoming dry and scally. Can be a way of telling you you might have diseases scabies The skin may also be red or have sores due to scratching. Since the diseases are contagious be observant to see whether any of your family member is having the same symptoms.

Try to observe with a keen eye as some of the symptoms are not always associated with the diseases scabies

Step 5

Visiting a dermatologist or medical practioner can diagnose any signs of the diseases scabies. Using a microscope the practioner can examine your skin by scraping your pimples and or rashes to look for any infection


How To Know If You Have Diseases Scabies

Ensure you seek medical advice as early as possible, Any delay may make the diseases scabies spread and that may be a disaster in the whole family.

Stop having sex with someone infected with scabies.

Wash your clothings,bedding and any other items you share in the house hold with disinfectant or just use very hot water to wash these items

Always make a routine to look after your skin for any unpeculiar signs

Don’t assume any swelling that you have is a sign of diseases scabies it can be also another disease that is very contagious. In that case consult a medics for more information and examination

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Or many researched journals on scabies online


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