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Cockatiels hide their diseases very well therefore caring or giving treatment to for a sick cockatiel requires a proper and early diagnosis of the disease and this will definitely help the bird to survive. When your bird gets a cockatiels diseases it is advisable to take it to the vet nary or you can care for the sick bird right at the comfort of you home.


The first step is to identify the cockatiel diseases  in your cockatiel. the signs can be of different nature and may include lack of energy in the bird, or failure to eat and perch, or rough feathers , or abnormal growth on the skin, or bleeding ,or wheezing and tail bobbing and also you can see the signs from the general appearance .if the symptoms of cockatiel disease appear very severe or do not go away in a few days seek treatment from a veterinarian.

If the symptoms are not so severe then care for the cockatiel diseases at home. Make sure you keep the bird in a warm separate cage. Place a warming pad at the bottom of the cage and make sure you adjust the temperature to 85 to 90 degrees to ensure the cage is warm enough for the bird suffering from cockatiel disease. You want to keep a close check on the improvement of the bird so make sure you remove all the perches from the cage and remain just on e at the bottom then only then will monitor if the bird is perching or not.


Just as you would feed a small baby feed the bird suffering from cockatiel diseases if it is having difficult eating on its own. Make sure you buy quality cockatiel food from a pet stores and make sure the food is in powder form this way it is easy ti feed it make a paste according to the directions on the container of the food and feed the bird using a gavages tube or a wide mouthed syringe.

If you spot respiratory problem with the bird that is suffering from cockatiel disease give it an avian antibiotic .you should also make sure you put vitamin supplements in water which come in form of concentrated solution and feed it to the bird using a syringe if it has difficult drinking on its own.

If the symptoms of cockatiel disease do not finish after sometime seek medical attention from a vet nary officer and ensure that any drugs administered to the bird are bought and are given to the bird as prescribed only then will have a healthy bird free from cockatiel diseases.

As a pet owner it is advisable to always take proper care of your bird to prevent illness , Keep avian medicine at home for any kind of emergency. And keep the sick cockatiel under constant observation

Tips and comments

Take proper care of your bird to prevent illness.

Keep avian medicine at home for any kind of emergency.

Keep the sick cockatiel under constant observation

if symptoms persist seek medical advice.

The cockatiel can make a great pet. They are great for people who want a large bird but have a little less...


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