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Hypothalamus diseases are diseases that affect part of the brain and in many cases it causes death within a short time after the hypothalamus is affected by diseases. It is important for anybody to know the importance of the hypothalamus as apart of a brain and also learn about the hypothalamus diseases so that he or she can be able to know how to deal with diseases affecting the hypothalamus.


Physical injury is the common diseases which affect the hypothalamus. It is therefore very important for anyone to know about the hypothalamus diseases of this type so that he or she can know the ways in which to avoid physical injury. In this case, when the head is hit by something hard, the hypothalamus is affected and it can start bleeding which can cause death within a short time.

In many cases the hypothalamus always controls the hormone secretion into the blood. People should be given knowledge about the hypothalamus diseases. In this level the amount of hormones can be affected, either it can be in excess or be little when the hypothalamus is attacked by a disease. Diabetes is normally caused by lack of insulin in the blood. Therefore it is important to know about the hypothalamus diseases. Since the hypothalamus is responsible for the secretion of the insulin hormone, the insulin secretion can be hindered if it is affected.


affected and it can start bleeding which can cause death within a short time.

Another case about the hypothalamus diseases is sleeping sickness which is caused by tsetse fly. When the tsetse fly bite someone, it leaves a bacteria which goes to hypothalamus and affect it hence the hypothalamus is not able to control the awake and sleeping of the person.

Since the hypothalamus controls the secretion of digestive hormones in the stomach, knowledge about the hypothalamus diseases is very important. When the hypothalamus is affected by the diseases, it slows down the production of digestive hormones and in many cases you will find a person complaining about the stomachache especially after eating.

Most cancer is caused by lack of proper nutrients in the body. These nutrients can not be absorbed into the body if the hypothalamus is affected; therefore it is very vital for anybody to know about the hypothalamus diseases so that he or she can learn how to deal with the diseases which are associated with the hypothalamus disease. Also anemia disease is associated with the hypothalamus diseases since it is caused by lack of iron in the blood. For iron to be released into the body, it requires that the hypothalamus is functioning well and is free from any infection.

Tips and comments

It is very important for anybody to learn about the hypothalamus disease so that necessary action can be taken when the person suffers from some diseases which are associated to hypothalamus diseases. Since this hypothalamus diseases are the major cause of death among the people around the world, it is very important for the government and the non governmental organization to come together so as to help fight deadly disease.

By emma Wanjiku, published at 04/04/2012
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