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Scabies diseases is a contagious skin infection that occurs among human beings and other animals. It has been classified as water related disease by the world health organization. It is caused by a parasite called Sarcoptes scabies which is very tiny and can not be directly visible. The parasites always hides under the skin of the host either a human or an animal and therefore causing intense allergic itching. The disease is transmitted from one person to another by direct skin to skin contact. Initial infection may take 6 to 7 weeks to manifest but re infection occurs in 24 hours. Scabies is a very severe allergic infection and it causes so much discomfort.


Some of the symptoms and signs of scabies diseases include

itching is a very common symptoms of scarbies diseases and it is very visible in the night this is because the mites do not have much disturbance and although it is a very common symptom itdoes not affect the old people suffering from scabis diseases as much.



The other symptom of scabies diseases is the rash usually occur in the areas of the feet, hand, wrists, elbow, back , buttocks and external genitals. The infection does not occur in the skin of the face or scalps except for infants and the immunosuppressed. This rash or the burrows are created by excavation of the adult mite in the epidermis.


In almost all people that suffer from scabies diseases the trail of the rush mites show as an s shaped track in the skin then this is mostly followed by alot of small pimple-like mosquito, or insect bites. These signs are often found in most parts of the body, such as on the webs of fingers and toes, around the genital area, and under the breasts of women .the symptoms of scabies disease often appear 2 to 6 weeks after infestation or acquiring for individuals who have never suffered from scabies disease before. For those individuals who have suffered scabies disease before the symptoms will manifest themselves almost immediately or after some few day just after infection.. However it is not unknown for symptoms toshow themselves after several months or even years. The scabies in infants is particularly very disturbing as some of its symptoms include blisters and pustules on the palms and soles of their feet.

Some of the people who are most prone to scabies diseases include the elderly and people with an impaired immune system such as HIV, cancer. or those on immunosuppressive medications this is because since they do not have a storng immunity to prevent them from getting the scabies disease then thier bodies become a good host for the mite which spreads very fast and spreads all over the body, except the face. Those people suffering from crust scabies disease tend to get scaly rashes, slight itching, and thick crusts of skin that contain thousands of mites. These areas make treatment of the mites very difficult, as the crusts protect the mites from topical miticides causing treatment for this areas to take quit a long time.

Tips and comments

mass treatment programs are effective for scabies diseases treatment.

if you notice you have thescabies diseases seek medical assistance immediately.

aviod direct skin to skin contact which people or animals infected with scabies diseases

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