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How To Prevent Fatty Liver Diseases


Did you know that fatty liver diseases do not produce any noticeable symptom and therefore very hard to know when you are suffering from fatty liver diseases, but the good news is you can prevent fatty liver diseases from the word go and the best way to do this is by exercise and eating right as they say prevention is way better than cure. It is also proved that a sedentary lifestyle goes hand in hand with fatty liver diseases. Therefore eating right and getting enough physical exercise in a day will keep us health and free from fatty liver diseases. The fatty liver disease affects both adults and children it is important to note that.

Step 1

As I said earlier fatty liver diseases is most cases will show no symptoms and therefore possible for one to have it and show no symptoms whatsoever however just as in other diseases a general feeling of fatigue and being unwell might jut occur you may also experience some pain in your lower abdomen and this is mostly in its early stages but at a more serious level the fatty liver disease may show some more symptoms which include;


Total lack of interest in sex

Bleeding from the intestines

Fluid in the abdominal cavity

Loss of appetite


Swollen feet

Yellowing of the skin in the face

Step 2

A normal blood test can reveal the signs of a damaged liver by detecting certain enzymes .and after that a certain surgical test which involves the cutting of a piece of the liver is done and only then can the fatty liver diseases be diagnosed

Step 3

Exercise is the best way to prevent fatty liver diseases and so it will be wise to keep up your exercise routine some of the best exercises to do is walking ,weight lifting, sports, yoga and did you know that washing your car is also a great exercise then now you know. Ensure you take thirty minutes everyday to do your exercise and that way you will be preventing yourself from getting fatty liver disease. For those people who are obese or have a high body mass index will have to do more exercise and even engage in weight loosing diets to loss excess weight this way we are able to prevent fatty weights disease. It is very important to make exercise constant since one can get the disease in a week or even a month and avoid stress this may slow down your exercise routine and to make thing more interesting ensure you have a buddy who will help you with your exercise routine.

Step 4

Choose activities that are enjoyable and gradually add your variety. If you are a social person join sports teams that you enjoy since it is easy to do something that you like and with the group you will be

Step 5

Fatty liver diseases can be prevented by regular checks up and also consultig your doctor on great advice on how to prevent or control the disease


Avoid fatty foods in your diet

Avoid smoking and alcohol

Avoid medication which can destroy your liver

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By Emma Wanjiku, published at 04/05/2012
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