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About Canine Liver Diseases And Treatments


Canine liver diseases are among the top five leading causes of non-accidental dog deaths. This is because the liver is responsible for a number of bodily functions of the dog and therefore putting it in danger. Canine liver diseases can be caused by bacterial infections, ingested materials, genetics or existing health problems. It is usually a common disorder in older dogs. When the liver stops doing its functional duties, it brings about some serious consequences to the dog. Some of the symptoms are a reduced appetite, loosing weight, pale gums, abdominal fluid buildups and even lethargy (abnormal laziness or drowsiness) and jaundice (which is a yellowish pigmentation of the skin, tissues as well as body fluids that is caused by the disposition of bile pigments).


Canine liver diseases have been affecting dogs for a long while. They are caused by different factors and are treatable if diagnosed during the first stages of the diseases. Veterinarians can do blood test to know if the diseases are well advanced or can be treated and can be able to advice you as a pet owner on the next step to take. Canine liver diseases can also be caused by trauma resulting from anything like being hit by a car. Canines have been man’s best from since time immemorial and it is therefore important to treat them with care and try to prevent such diseases from attacking your pet and friend. There are several ways to treat canine liver diseases


Treatment of canine liver diseases varies in regards to the cause. If the cause is trauma the canine may have to be hospitalized as it recovers from the impact of trauma. If the diseases Is caused by another medical condition such as cancer or anemia some other medical factors will have to be considered. As a pet owner you will have to make some diet changes so as to ensure that the dog patient is receiving the nutrition it need o recover. After noticing the symptoms the best thing would be to consult the veterinarian as soon as possible to make sure you start the treatment program as soon as possible. You can give your dog some supplements that can help improve its liver functions and ward off diseases.

Tips and comments

Remember that prevention is always the best option. Before you decide to treat your dog that has been infected with canine liver diseases be sure to consult with your veterinarian on the best treatment plan for your dog. Love and care for your sick dog will go away to help it recover from the canine liver diseases that it suffers from. Regular visits to your veterinarian will go along way to help your dog recover. If your dog has been hit by a car, you can hospitalize it to make sure that it does not end up suffering from canine liver diseases. Taking care of your pet is essential to making sure it does not end up being sick and it can live a healthy dog life.

By Wanjiku Njuguna, published at 04/06/2012
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