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Testicular disease are very common in this day and era and the main cause of these diseases is said to be poor eating habits or lack of nutrients in the body. The testicle is generally the male reproductive organ and it is mostly affected by cancer. Therefore the testicular cancer is the most common testicular disease affecting the male reproductive organ. When one gets the testicular cancer it would definitely end up to in amputation of both of the testicles before the cancer spreads to the rest of the male reproductive organ. Identifying this testicular disease is easy than identifying any other testicular disease.


It is important that once in a while you feel your scrotum and your testicles and also your sex partner may do the feeling for you and in case as you are feeling you come across a lump, or hardening of one of the testicles then see a doctor as soon as you can this is because this is a sign of a testicular disease and most especially the testicular cancer. Believe me you that the feeling is the most noticeable when it come to testicular diseases and most especially the testicular cancer. When you or you partner are feeling you should also look out for when your testicles starts to feel rigid instead of the normal being smooth , also when there Is a build up of fluid in the scrotum and shrinking of one testicle. These are clear signs of a testicular diseases and more often a testicular cancer and after one testicle is affected the other will shrink due to lack of blood flow.


Some of the symptoms which accompany this testicular diseases such as testicular cancer may or may not be present in the early stages of the cancer but immediately you notice them you should see a doctor. Some of this symptoms may include blood in your semen, partial or complete lack of sexual activity and sexual withdrawal. Some men would not accept defeat when it comes to sex but once you realize you have this symptoms it is advisable to report to a doctor since you might just be suffering from a testicular disease and particularly the worst which is testicular cancer.

Just as in all other diseases when you are suffering from testicular diseases you are prone to undergo some abnormal changes in your body these changes are fully noticeable especially in the mid to late stages of the testicular disease or disorder. If you start to notice a mild ache in your groin or lower abdomen, abnormal sensitivity generally in the groin and unexplained fatigue you should immediately report this to your doctor because this may or may not be a sign of a testicular disease and probably end up as testicular cancer but it is not worth gambling with your health so see a doctor immediately,

Tips and comments

No testicular disease especially cancer  should be ignored. if you notice any of the changes in your body you should alert your physician immediately.
if you have any testecular disease make sure you take prescribed medication as given by the doctor all it may end up as cancer

better eating habbits and frequent physical exercise may prevent you from getting any testicular disease.


By Emma Wanjiku, published at 04/05/2012
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