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Common Treatments For Austrian Pine Diseases


There are many diseases that attack and kill trees a lot. There are many kinds of Austrian pine diseases. These diseases attack the trees and start killing them progressively. Some of the diseases are pine nematode which is a type of worm hosted by a beetle and likes to eat the sap of pine trees. Diplodia tip blight is another kind of disease that attacks trees that are usually over 30 years old and usually during an extremely wet season or follows a drought. Root rot. This is where root eating nematodes cause it. Needle cast attacks all pine trees and is a type of a fungal disease. Of all pine trees the Australian pines are most susceptible to diplodia tip blight. Others are canker diseases caused by Botryosphaeria spp. and other canker fungi, pine wilt, sooty mold and decay diseases.


Austrian pine diseases are caused by fungal diseases of pests. The pine wood disease which is one of the Australian pine diseases was discovered in 1905 in Japan; however the pine wood nematodes had not been established to be the cause until 1971. There are many ways to prevent ant treat Australian pine diseases and they keep evolving as time passes by. The pests or diseases usually invade the tree from its weakest point and start eating it little by little. When the tree starts dying it usually begins at the tip. It starts drying off and shedding leaves or rotting from within and eventually falls and dies completely.


Treatment for the Austrian pine diseases varies from the cause of the disease. Each cause brings about a different method and mode of treatment. One can try control the disease by pruning off the infected part and this reduces the disease. By pruning one reduces the chances of the diseases spreading to the untouched parts of the tree. After pruning the infected parts burn them or discard them far away from any area of trees so as not to infect them as well. Serious Austrian pine diseases can be controlled by a chemical fungicide. If invaded by pest one can use authorized and approved pesticides or introduce the insects’ natural predator in the area around the pine. There is no cure to pine wilt and it is therefore easy to prevent it from infesting your pines.

Tips and comments

It is easier to prevent infestation and Austrian pine diseases as compared to trying to control and manage them after they have already infested the trees. There are some easy ways of preventing Australian pine diseases such as pinewood nematodes. You can prevent them by removing the bark of the tree at the time of felling because then they will not be able to infest the pines. Getting rid of trees which have been infested by untreatable Australian pine diseases would be good to protect the other trees from also getting infected. Austrian pine trees are easy to take care of and if you do that well there are high chances that they will not be attacked by Austrian pine diseases.

By Wanjiku Njuguna, published at 04/05/2012
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