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3 Diseases Orchids Can Have


Orchids diseases are diseases that the affects the orchid plant. Orchids are known to be the most beautiful flowers created by God. Otherwise, there are various orchid diseases that affect them. The most serious orchids diseases are in three groups.


Orchids diseases seemed to be affecting most of the orchids plant nation wide. A research as to why this was happening was laid on. The result showed that, orchids were affected by various diseases and some solution to treat the orchid disease was finally found.It was then made known to the peolpe laiter on.


Orchid disease as seen can be grouped in many categories but the most common ones are Bacterial Leaf Rot. This diseases affects the colors of the roots hence make them colorless. The leaf becomes gray and smooth in the affected area. One can cutoff the affected part of the orchid leaf to avoid orchids disease spreading to the entire plant. A blade can be used in cutting off. The other disease is the Root Rot which is also caused by a certain bacteria in the roots. The signs of the root rot are some shriveling of the lower root. Watery environment is the major cause of this orchid disease. The treatment here includes removing the affected parts of the root around the orchids. You’ll notice that, the affected ones are soft hence falls off easily. The other orchids disease is the Crown Rot. This disease is the same as the leaf rot but it comes in different aspects. Here, the uppermost leaves are largely affected. The solution is to remove the upper leaves which are affected. You will note them by their softness at the edges. But if the orchid is fully affected, it can be uprooted and another one planted in another pot. Although the orchids are affected by other diseases apart from the mentioned ones. It is the responsibility of the florist to notice the abnormality in his flowers and look for immediate solution. It is sometimes good to separate the affected orchids from the healthy one. This will help in avoiding more spreading to the unaffected areas. Too much watering is the most reason why this orchids disease happens. Sufficient water is emphasized on. It is always good to avoid virus which affects the orchids plants


Tips and comments

Orchid diseases have beer seen as the most serious infections that affects the orchid plants. The symptom may sometimes not be those of the mentioned disease. The florist should be in a position to considerer which remedy is right for the orchids plant. Sometime uprooting may be applied as the last option. One can first try to cut the affected parts with a sharp blade and wait for any improvement. If it does work, then one can apply the uprooting methods. There prescribes arcaricides in the markets which can also be sprayed to the orchids plant.. If all these solution fails to work, then the orchid can be re-potted again for fresh results. It is advisable to contact a plant pathologist for advise.

By Emma Wanjiku, published at 04/05/2012
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