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How To Treat Mucopolysaccharide Diseases


Mucopolysaccharide diseases do not affect many people therefore we could say it is a totally rare disease this disease is caused by a particular enzyme and by this I mean the lack or deficiency of this enzyme in the body is the particular reason why someone may get the Mucopolysaccharide disease. This disease is very fatal and hence life threatening and it also goes by the name lysosomal storage disease.


When Mucopolysaccharide disease affects a person his or her body is unable to break down the chemicals and the waste products of the body. This Mucopolysaccharide disease is so serious that it causes the body to stop or makes the body unable to revive the essential products that have stopped functioning, as a result of that then the main parts of the body that are used to flush out waste can no longer function and so the waste is accumulated within the cells of the body in tiny little bits. This tiny little bits of waste that are stored in the body are called lysosomes. I hope by now we can see how harmful this Mucopolysaccharide disease can cause harm to our bodies.

These Mucopolysaccharide diseases come in different types and some of the diseases that can be classified under these Mucopolysaccharide diseases include mannosidosis, fucosidosis and salic acid disease


These Mucopolysaccharide diseases will most of the time result in death especially if the afflicted person is a infant or a child I mean. With different Mucopolysaccharide diseases the conditions will always differ this because some of the Mucopolysaccharide disease are only for a short period of time and they disappear while some of Mucopolysaccharide disease are fatal and end up killing the person afflicted. These Mucopolysaccharide diseases will completely hamper the perfect growth of the body.

Most of the Mucopolysaccharide diseases are inherited and once one has been born with it death is inevitable the disease does not allow one to live beyond their child hood stage but the good news is very rarely do we have a child suffering from any of the Mucopolysaccharide diseases. When one is afflicted the whole body system is affected and so is the brain so we there is not only physical disruption but mental disruption is also inevitable.

The Mucopolysaccharide disease is passed from mother to son and rarely will it be from mother to daughter and if it is the father with the disease then he transmits it to the daughter but just incase he has two sons it is possible to pass from father to son. Mothers have also a rare chance of passing it to any of their children as compared to the father.

There is no cure for most of the Mucopolysaccharide diseases but some of them can be cured with the replacement of enzymes in the body. Bone marrow transplant is also another way that has proved helpful in some of the Mucopolysaccharide diseases especially for babies when still in their childhood stage.

Tips and comments

People suffering from Mucopolysaccharide diseases suffer from joint problems and therefore physical exercise is very important.

By Emma Wanjiku, published at 04/05/2012
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