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Can Anyone Subscribre To the Journal Of Infectious Diseases?

From being unknown to being famous

Diary and journal of infectious diseases are used to take down notes of day-to-day activities or events, special occasions and events, facts or inventions discovered by scientist, doctors and others through a series of laboratory test and experiments. Some scientists who discover vaccines, law of attraction or other history related are known through their journals such as Albert Einstein. Journal of infectious diseases have a big impact to our future, especially when a normal person discovered things, such as vaccines or antidote of a certain disease, and in the long run will be famous because someone or somehow read his journals. And this will be the starting point of the future doctors or scientists to enhanced or develop more the vaccines and antidote for a faster recovery or extinction of contagious or fatal infections or diseases, respectively.

Content of a simple but fruitful journal

A journal of infectious diseases can be a composition of one, two or more medical practitioners around the global. They are arranged according to the diseases, preventions and treatment, infections or fatal diseases, epidemic or pandemic, reviews or kinds of cases, laboratory or clinical research or resources, and a lot more. A journal is being made to keep track and find answers to present diseases and unknown symptoms or causes to start the prevention or spreading of such sickness or infectious diseases. Popular organization of medical practitioners, doctors, organizations, universities and hospitals such as Oxford and International Journal of Infectious Diseases has their own records, from simple cases to very rare cases, to keep it update and to share information to other doctors handling with the same cases as their reference on how to treat the said diseases.

Readers and followers of a person’s journal

A journal of infectious diseases from a prestigious hospital, organizations or universities is known to have full of knowledge and experiences because they are known to handle common to rare cases, patients intentionally go there and be cured or treated by experts or professionals specializing in every infectious diseases such as Typhoid Fever and Clinical infectious Diseases. People who are interested to medical journals can subscribe to journals provided by the organizations or professionals. They can receive daily journals or updates, receive a certain issue or single issue, renew their subscription, if expired, or can simply read or access to a certain issue or articles they wanted to read. Most of these issues, articles and reports have a supplementary data with a content of an abstract regarding infectious diseases, background on how it started or symptoms and conclusions or trials they have done in a certain infectious diseases such as Hepatitis B, where in vaccines have different effects from a newborn to a 25 year old person.

Composition of published infectious diseases

Published journals are proven and accepted journals and data covered by rules or regulation by medical practitioners. They do not just published these data for personal arising but, they are acknowledge and accepted by the medical professionals and practitioners for references on a certain person with infectious diseases or a doctors from the other side of the worlds. Subscribing to journal of infectious diseases are very important pointers for people who discovered new things, people infected by diseases (awareness and treatment), and people without infectious diseases to be aware and keep updated.

By Emelie Go, published at 02/22/2012
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